What is Face Balance at Impact?

What is face balance at impact and what does it mean to you? Choosing a putter and understanding putter technology is something we get a lot of questions about. One of the hot topics as of late is toe hang and choosing a putter with a certain amount to match the stroke of a golfer, which all makes perfect sense.

During our recent trip to SeeMore Putters, we began discussing face balance and toe hang in a bit more detail. Not just on the putter, but including where it is at impact as well and whether those two things are different. We asked Cody Hale, from SeeMore, to explain this and here is the latest episode of THP Quick Tech. Everything you want to know in under 2 minutes.

Is toe hang something you have thought about when choosing your putter? Have you been fit for a putter that involved where the face is at impact? Join the conversation in the THP Forum or leave your thoughts below. We want to hear from you.

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