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  • Thanks i was tweeting him and he replied back last week that it was going to happen i thought it was pretty cool since nothing like that usually happens for me... haha
    Two questions, how close to Atlanta do you live and what's your schedule next week. I'll be in the area and wantedto get in a round with a fellow THPer. Let me know....
    We are located right across the street from Harley-Davidson. The one store is called Monkey Disco and the other is Mr. Sweetnuts. We are on the main strip.
    If you come to Gatlinburg again, stop by and say hello. It is always great to meet a fellow Thper.
    DawgDaddy, I was just looking at your response to my golf bag question and I couldn't help but notice how many posts you have in just a few months...Holy cow dude! I've been trying to post as much as I could since I joined so that maybe I could make some friends on here and maybe become a recognized name on here but I don't know how you do it! Good job Buddy!
    Thanks for the information on the SE Golfers group !
    I'm VERY excited about my opportunity to review the Ping Bag WHOOOOT

    Us, getting to tee it up sometime soon ...... ME TOO!! I'm about 4 hours from ATL, I'll have to see where you're located.
    I'm pretty flexible, being retired gives me lots of opportunity to do 'stuff'. I'm sure if we try just a lil bit we can tee it up soon !
    Give me some hints on your schedule/opportunities to play ... I could prob. talk my wife, Jan, into making an overnighter some time. She doesn't golf, but I'm sure she'd like to come that way and do some shopping :) I call her 'Robo Shopper' :)

    No pressure, but I'm like you I guess, just thinking about some opportunity sometime..... it'll happen, I'm sure of it :)
    How did you get that Picture over there in your 'Groups' section, the one where it says: South Eastern Golfers ?

    Glad to be here at THP ! Awesome Place, Great People. I also joined the SE Group, looking forward to an opportunity to participate in one of the get togethers !
    question is gppgolf.com legit site. thinking about ordering from them, the TM 2.0 burner iron set, are the clubs real or fake
    hey Randy, thanks for the referral. I'm loving the site already! hope to play a round with you sometime.
    we have a mashie m3 and sl290 10.5° driver demo clubs now if you want to try them. both are reg flex.
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