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  • I absolutely love the Bettinardi hat you sent me! Thank you so much. You really didn't have to do that. But it is definitely appreciated. I'm really looking forward to playing a round or two with you and OG at the outing!!
    Are you and Bill going to be around the outing any extra days? I would love to make sure I get a round in with you!!!
    Hey KellyBo !!! WAHOOOOOO for you !!!
    BIG BIG Congratulations on your win the other night !! That is just TOOOOOOO AWESOME huh !!!

    I know you'll enjoy the new outfit ! Can't wait to see what you get !!!
    Hello Kelly i hope your keeping well. I just wanted to say thank you for supporting Team Hackers in TMC. We wont let you down
    Hey KellyBo - I saw that you tried to send me a PM. For some reason Tapatalk is not working on my phone and I am just getting to clear out PMs. If you send me a PM again, I promise my box won't be full. :) Hope all is well with you and OG!
    I notice you own both a M4 and M5 mashie. I just received these myself after taking advantage of the 2 for $200 deal. I have taken the cellophane off of the M5 but not the M4. I was wondering how much further you hit the M4 ? Looking back, do you wish you would have got the M3 instead of the M4 for gap reasons, or did the 4/5 combo give you the distances you need in your bag ? Thanks, EJ
    Just wanted to again say Thank You for you and Ole Gray inviting me to play Healy Point Friday. I know all of us could have played better, but the weather and the fellowship were actually unbeatable. Wishing you two a Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing you two soon.
    Hit 'em straight.
    hey KellyBo best of luck in the Ga Senior Womens Open this week! have fun and hope you kick some booty! :golf2:
    Hes gonna be a lover not a fighter. Lol thanks for the concern. But I will raise him right.
    I was a Business Manager and then a Regional Business Manager troubleshooting, teaching, auditing business offices in prisons. It involved a good bit of travel.
    Thanks so much Sunday_Hacker! I'm not on my game right now so I'm not expecting much. I'm going to try to relax and just enjoy it. No pressure on me cuz I am just proud to be able to play!
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