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  • Scratch that, will be there by noon. Hope to see you there!
    I will hopefully be at the show before 1:15... I know I will be there before 2. Will you be there that late?
    That stinks... I don't think I will be there till around 2 PM...
    Awesome! I hope you love em! Great choice in going with Patty and Dennis as well.
    Heck yeah I'm going... most likely on the saturday. The plan is to get loads of free stuff, win the $10,000 putt, and ace the indoor par 2 for 25 grand :)
    Thanks for the messages. I just emailed Mr. Blind9 your questions. He's going to write to you directly on your email account. If you don't get a message from him by the end of the day today (Friday), let me know. Thanks!!
    Hey man, I haven't been logged on forever due to being busy with tennis and getting ready for snow as I am an avid snowboarder. I need to get back in the golf game. Need to go check out maple hill to see some of the stuff they got. Thanks for the CG15 heads up.
    Good for you thats awseome! Maple Hill and the Highlands never have any titleist demo days makes me sad ahah
    Yup thats the only place I go to get my gear, I was there for there garage sale and almost picked up two mizzy mpt11's with dg spinners for 100$...sadly I just didn't like them, know I need to save up for two cg15's cause my current cg15 is shot...
    Hey did u ever get my didn't show up in sent mail so idk if it worked..don't want u to be under the impression that I'm rude and not replying :D
    My main course is The Rogue in Sparta. But I golf all over. I just took 9 days off work and golfed 9 different courses.
    Where do you normally play?

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