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  • Since you were so worried about Damaikis' support banner, I removed 2.0 from your signature and replaced it with 2012. Now - no more showers, you keep delaying the announcements! haha
    Finally back on the blog. You need me to test on the new Ping driver? hahaha

    You should do a review on the new adidas puremotion shoes. Amazing. They make me want to never wear regular golf shoes again
    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude you rule. We're going to be the best looking condo at the outing.
    Dude that's awesome! You're workouts are inspiring dude because I know you're sticking withit. Feeding off each others energy! I snet you a text!
    Congrats on going to Studio B today. I look forward to hearing about your experience. I'm sure it's one you won't forget!!
    Was just going through my "profile" last night and saw that we weren't "friends". Just thought that should be corrected.
    just seen your pictures . great new thread. i need to up load some pic of my own. pic of little red riding hood was funny. good thing he has a great sense of humor.
    Hey P4... Sorry I'm laggin' behind on my duties. I had to play "single dad" last night and totally forgot to get my team setup! I'll get things straightened away at lunch today, and should be ready to rock by tonight!

    Thanks for checkin' up on me, Commish!
    What's going on man? Guess you made it home safe.

    Good meeting you this weekend! I've visited THP a handful of times, but not often enough to have read much or see what the site's all about. I read a few of your posts, and you do a great job of keeping your members informed...saw some great reads and posts!

    Anyway, I pulled those heads for you and they're boxed up ready to go. I've weighed them also. I'll weigh the MBs when they get here too and let you know the weight difference so you can potentially know how much lighter/heavier they may be.

    My email is muxi87@yahoo.com...shoot me an email with your address and I'll shoot them to you today.

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