Contest - THP & Cleveland #WinIt4Mom Giveaway


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Oct 8, 2008
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I did both. Winning this would be really special for me. I used my twitter handle as my name on the comment.
Great contest! Are the clubs available in LH?
Truly awesome contest. I will pass because my mom has zero time or interest and golf, and there are moms who would get much better use out of these.

Thanks so much for the amazing contest and there is going to be a very happy mom this mothers day.
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amazing contest! what a treat this would be to win! Thanks to THP and Cleveland golf!
This is so cool. I hope I can be the lucky one to give mom a new set of clubs.
Thank you THP & Cleveland Golf for always being the best! :)
Very cool contest....thanks to THP and to Cleveland.
What a sweet contest for this Mother's Day!
Its a pretty cool set. GG has hit the Bloom set a few times.
Cool contest! Thanks JB, :thp:, and :cleveland:!
Really appreciate Cleveland Golf providing this set for the contest.

I would love to give these to my wife as a reason to get back out to the course and range with me. She enjoyed playing before the kids arrived, but won't make the time right now.
This is an amazing contest. Unfortunately, my mom doesn't have any interest in trying golf, so I'll pass and let others have the opportunity.
Very awesome of Cleveland and THP to have a contest like this. I will submit my entry later tonight. If I were to win these, my step mother will have some new clubs to start her first summer of retirement.
Good luck all, I'll pass as my mom has no interest in golf, and I don't know any ladies that like golf.
Thanks THP and Cleveland
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My wife would love this set to play with. She is expecting and it would be her first mothers day gift :) Great contest
What an awesome contest, I'd love to get my mom started in golf!
Hope to see tons more entries. Even if your mom/wife does not play golf, lets show Cleveland how THPers like contests.
definitely in on this one...nothing bad comes from Cleveland Golf and the wife could really get back into golf with a sweet set like this!

Thanks for the opportunity.
Nice, starting to see several Mother's Day giveaways out there for golfers.
My mom likes golf so this would be perfect for her. Nicely done
Bump for Moms everywhere.
Great contest... Thanks THP & Cleveland.