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I am always looking for a way to help me improve my game and was really excited when I was informed about a company that made a stylish score counter that can double for a bracelet. I thought that was such a clever idea and if it worked would be something I could definitely use on the course. I’m a silly golfer, I liked to go out there and have a good time no matter if I am playing good or bad it’s just about being outside, enjoying the weather, and the company that you are with. That being said, I often lose count of how many strokes I have taken because I am usually laughing about my last shot or running from a bug that just flew by my head. Friends have encouraged me to get a score counter but I always thought they were ugly, and well, being your fashion guru, I wanted something with a little more pizazz if it was going to hang from my bag.

When I saw the pictures of the Glamorous Golfers score counter I couldn’t wait to get one in my hands. The beautiful colors and pearl finish immediately caught my eyes. When they arrived at my office I was in love. They are beautiful, the bright colors are so visually pleasing and the additional of the ‘bling’ just sealed the deal for me. Aside from the looks they actually function very well too. The beads are pretty tight on the thread so it takes a slight bit of effort to move the counters. That’s a good thing so you know they won’t just sliding around and mess up your count.

The score counter comes with two clips, one to clip on your bad, and another that can be used to turn this counter into a bracelet. Using it as a bracelet is a sneaky way to hide the counter so your friends don’t need to know you are having trouble keeping count of your score. I brought two samples with me to the ladies league at my home course and had them try the counter out for two rounds. Everyone really loved it, they were most impressed by the sheer beauty of it. We had a few critics, but those were the ladies who are too competitive to use a counter. The majority really loved it, they thought it worked just as advertised and looked great. They especially liked the idea of turning it into a bracelet. I really like the concept behind this product but I was even more impressed in how and why these were made. Below is a little back story from the creator Glamorous Golfer:

Beautiful and functional, the Golf Score Keeper features luminous cat’s eye fireball beads, which are handmade from the highest quality fiber optic glass and crystals. The easy-to-use score counter converts to an eye-catching bracelet with a quick click.  Even though it is admired by everyone who sees it, worn as a bracelet it is a discreet way to keep track of your strokes.

By having our product assembled in the U.S. by mentally or physically challenged individuals, we are helping them live a more fulfilling life through productive work. 

The way Glamorous Golfer came to be was rather by accident.  I needed a score counter because no matter how long I have been playing, I get so caught up thinking about my next shot, I simply cannot remember how many times I’ve hit the ball.  
I was less than thrilled with the score counters that were on the market.  They were made of plastic, rather cheap, clunky and not the least bit attractive.  I wanted something pretty.  (The saying…It doesn’t matter how you play, just as long as you look good, is my mantra.)   The longer I searched, the more I realized that no one was making anything remotely like what I was looking for and that I could create a niche for myself.

This item is not available to the public yet and will have it’s national debut at the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando Florida at the end of this month. We will make sure to stop by their booth and get even more photos to show to everyone.

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