Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Grips Review

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The most preferred “pistol” style putter grip shape in golf meets the modern materials and sizing of the Tour SNSR lineup from Golf Pride, and it is stellar.

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro:

A few years ago I was able to review Golf Pride’s Tour SNSR Contour and Straight grips for THP (review here) , and immediately the Contour became my go-to grip, in fact, I bought and put into play far more than I would like to admit. The reason was that while the Straight was a good no-taper grip, we had seen that done ad-nauseam by every grip company on the planet it seemed. The Contour though, that was and still is in my opinion, a game-changer. Golf Pride called it an “evolution of the classic tapered pistol profile that is the shape preference of over 75% of Tour players” and therein lies the word that makes the new Contour Pro release so interesting… “evolution”.

Where the Contour is a variation on the shape that so many Tour players grew up using, the Contour Pro is literally based on the shape they all know and love. Small difference in verbiage, big difference in feel.

Just like the Straight and Contour, the Contour Pro is available in 104cc (90g, 58 Round) and 140cc (124g, 58 Round) and likewise it has a wider paddle front intent on decreasing grip pressure and increasing feel in the putting stroke. For those also wanting a cut-and-dry size comparison, the 104cc is in-line with many mid-sized grips out there, and the 140cc more on the over-sized side of things. Again we are not seeing the “Tour Only” standard sized SNSR, but as much as I would like to see that released, I also acknowledge that these two sizes are going to hit on the needs of the vast majority of golfers.

For those who haven’t tried the other variations, the grips are made with Golf Pride’s proprietary rubber blend specific to the SNSR lines. The Contour Pro manages a softer overall profile which should help keep grip pressure low, but also firm around the edges of the paddle (front) to give solid and delineated hand placement feedback, for me it’s what I enjoy most about the grip. The other benefit to the grip material is that it is super durable and won’t show wear like those that rely on a core and outer layer combination. Something to keep an eye on though, both the 104cc and 140cc grips do weigh a bit more than many of their counterparts which could affect swing weights.

The lions share of the initial conversation will undoubtedly be the grey and volt color as I’m betting it will be much more palatable for many golfers who just couldn’t get past the red and blue of the Contour and Straight. While the first thoughts may go there, the actual shape is where I would bet the long-term feedback to focus is on, because it is truly special. In the Contour, the “pistol” shape was predominantly in the butt section of the grip on the bottom side, with the Contour Pro however, it is the classic pistol shape with the bend beginning more in the middle front of the grip with a nice bend/bow that flows into the butt section. For anyone who has held or used a Pingman or Golf Pride Tour Classic grip and enjoyed the feel, this grip could very well change the way they look at modern designs. On a personal side of things, the shape and feel combination is as close to ideal as I have experienced.

Is the new Tour SNSR Contour Pro grip going to be for everyone? Of course not. But, I do think that Golf Pride flexed their research muscles on this one and has delivered something that will garner legitimate traction and buzz. This is the type of putter grip that I might even go so far as to say should be on every golfers must try list, and that is about as high of praise as I can give.

The Details

In Stores: Now

Price: $26.99

Options: 104cc (midsize) and 140cc (oversize)

For more information from Golf Pride,  you can visit their website

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