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Fitness plays a very large role in the game of golf. Many people don’t realize just how many muscles are being utilized to perform a golf swing. Most of us spend hours at the range hitting balls and working on our swings, but how many of us go to the gym to do the same thing? I don’t think I ever really realized just how important the gym would be to my golf game until I heard about a company named Golf Gym, whose focus is on physical fitness that is geared for golfers.

From the Company:

GolfGym’s mission is to help every golfer build a better, stronger and healthier golf game. We do this by developing high-quality, golf-specific fitness and training aids and combine them with expert instruction designed to help any golfer improve his or her game.

Back in the mid to late nineties a player took the world by storm by the way he played the game and the way he prepared for the game. His name is Tiger Woods. Sure there were golfers that worked out, but in my opinion the man named Tiger took fitness and golf to a whole new level. Since that time golfers of all shapes and sizes have come along that take fitness to a different level and have brought awareness to the fact of just how much it can help the golf game. The swing, flexibility, endurance, and just plain good health can all be made better with proper fitness. Enter GolfGym.
GolfGym recently partnered with PGA Tour Coach Joey D to create the best golf fitness products available today. Coach Joey D has been a Strength, Conditioning and Bio-mechanics Coach on the PGA Tour for 10 years. The list of professional golfers that are using Golf Gym in some form is simply staggering and Joey D has a lot to do with that. One of the products that he has released is what was sent over for us to take a look at and share our thoughts. The Joey D Signature Series Powerbandz.

More from the company:

The PowerBandz consists of a set of two 4′ bands with individual handles and includes a combination door and loop attachment. It can be secured in a door jam, on a golf cart, weight machine or fence pole for a warm up or total workout wherever you choose. It is available in two resistance levels:

– Yellow Webbing/Medium Resistance
– Red Webbing/Heavy Resistance. On the included training DVD, Coach Joey D will walk you through all the exercises he employs on the PGA Tour with his players
– The GolfGym PowerBandz are designed for the golfer looking to develop greater rotation, strength, flexibility and balance through golf specific movement patterns and exercises.

I will start with the included DVD and tell you that one thing that stuck out is how well it is done. It does not sound like an infomercial or Tony Little ranting and raving, but rather someone that is there to assist and help me along the way. Watching the instructional DVD helped prepare me for the “exercises” that would be in my near future. That much was expected. But what was not expected was that I truly felt motivated to try these out after watching it. No, its not like an infomercial that makes you want to go out and try something, but to see fitness geared specifically for the golf game was wonderful. Many experts have a long standing debate on whether “golf” fitness really exists or if straight training will help as much. While I will not debate that here, I can tell you that seeing activities designed specifically for us golfers was music to my ears (and eyes) and I was ready to start.

The videos are great and Joey D. really shows how using the Power Bandz can help your game. He makes you think in a way you would never have thought of before, and he explains everything so clearly. The bands easily fasten to a door hinge, a chair, a pole, or any other sturdy object in your home or on the course. You can adjust the resistance of the bands to your liking and you can go at a pace that works for you. There are several drills on the DVD that help you with your posture, swing, flexibility, and more.

The picture above is the latest winner who uses GolfGym

GolfGym has several packages to chose from and each one will help target a different aspect of your game. The average price for a package is around $59.99 and I think it’s worth every penny. That is less then the cost of an initiation fee to most gyms. I have always said that I just don’t have enough time in the day to go to the gym and go to the course to work on my game. With GolfGym you get the best of both worlds. You can learn more about GolfGym and see some sample clips of the DVD videos at their website here.

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