Introducing Majesty Golf

If you have followed this website for much of this year, then you have probably noticed that we have talked about the brand Majesty coming to the North American market, and today they are officially launching their new website. The brand features premium luxury golf gear that is as much about performance as it is about aesthetics and quality control.

During our filming of Range Days, we tested the Royal SP driver from Majesty, and upon first glance we were incredibly intrigued. From the unique look of the face to the subtle design elements, the club creates almost an aura around it that says “hit me”.  The surprises did not stop with look however, as the performance matched. High ball speed combined with a fantastic ball flight left us wanting to learn more.

Now with the launch of their website, consumers can browse the site to learn more about both Majesty and the clubs they produce. This is not a new brand, just one that has not had a large presence in the US as of yet.

In both Japan and Korea Majesty has retail shops featuring their clubs and accessories already in place. Something I am sure they hope to see in the North American space as well. A place for both education and a chance for golfers to see what is called the Majesty Difference.

Viewed by many as a luxury market item, Majesty embraces that with a certain level of craftsmanship and materials, making it definitely fall on that side of premium. There are multiple lines however that span different price ranges, but if you are looking for the bargain bin closeout, this lineup may be for you.

We will have a lot more coming soon on Majesty as a whole, and the equipment that they are producing. Our early testing shows products to fit golfers in every performance category and with the new site launching today, Majesty has an identity that will be easier to understand for those looking for a starting point.

You can find all of the information on their website at Stay tuned for much more coming from the individual products in review form as we continue testing right here on the THP Homepage and in our forum.

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