KBS Shafts – What Makes Them Stand Out?

THP spoke with KBS Shafts and wanted to ask a question to get their perspective on what makes the company’s product so unique. Here is what the company had to say.

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  • Timely to see this posted! As JB and Kim discussed in the interview, the overwhelming feedback on this is “smooth and superb feel”. I will be putting these in play next week and can’t wait to see if I can notice a difference compared to what I am used to playing.

  • I love my KBS shafts! They are easily the best feeling and best performing shafts I have used.

  • They pay you the most to talk about their stuff?

  • I switched to KBS 3 years ago and have never gone back. Love ’em!

  • Nice little interview. If there is one thing I’ve learned from my time here on THP is how importantfinding the right shaft for you is.

  • I really like listening to him talk, his knowledge about shafts just seems limitless. I will have KBS Tour shafts on my next set of irons.

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