Mitsubishi Golf – 6th Generation Diamana WB

For Mitsubishi Golf, 2024 is a big year. Foremost, it marks twenty years of Diamana. More notably, it is twenty years in which the brand has never stopped relentlessly innovating to place Diamana at the forefront of golf shafts with some of the most memorable and successful releases ever. 

The most renowned of them all? The White Board. Without saying anything else, most golfers will immediately have memories of the iconic design. Well, there was no better time than this important twenty year anniversary for Mitsubishi Golf to introduce the 6th Generation of the Diamana WB to the world. 

2024 Diamana WB shaft

Mitsubishi Golf – 6th Generation Diamana WB

The White Board is indeed back, and while there are leaps forward in design, this anniversary year has also led Mitsubishi Golf to get a bit nostalgic as well, and rightfully so. The first thing golfers will notice about the new 6th Gen WB is its look, in which the brand has brought back the iconic aesthetic including the surfboard and flowerbands which set the Diamana line apart for years

Mitsubishi Golf – 6th Generation Diamana WB

While showcasing the iconic black finish, the new Diamana WB is also going back to the roots of the original 63, 73, and 83 weight classes. However, it isn’t all about nostalgia, because internally there has been much work done to keep the design the same low launch and low spin profile it is known for, but also implementing all sorts of new technologies. 

Mitsubishi Golf – 6th Generation Diamana WB shaft graphics

Yes, Xlink Tech Resin System is in play to maximize the amount of carbon fiber used and the Consistent Feel Design aims to keep things simple for fitters. However, at the forefront of change is the use of 80-ton DIALEAD pitch fiber in the handle which in Mitsubishi Golf’s development process showed a significant jump in energy transfer through the swing, and thus a speed jump. 

Also implemented through the full length of the Diamana White Board is aerospace-grade MR70 carbon fiber to add strength. Additionally, there is a new orientation of 46-ton material within the tip section to get the torque lower which looks to help downrange dispersion. 

Mitsubishi 6th Generation Diamana WB specs

The Details

Mitsubishi Golf is adamant that though there are new advancements implemented to this release, they will never get away from what made it the dominant shaft it was: Smooth feel and consistent performance. The 6th Generation Diamana WB will be available beginning 1/26/24 and will carry a MSRP of $400.00. 

For more information on the new Diamana WB shaft or the 20th anniversary of this iconic name, check out their website at

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