New Callaway SuperSoft and SuperSoft Max Golf Balls

The Supersoft golf ball essentially revolutionized an entire segment, taking the non-tour level golf ball and not just using it as a stopgap in a lineup, but as a ball that could truly make the game more enjoyable for a huge swath of golfers. The Supersoft 19 was an incredible seller for Callaway Golf, continually in the top 5 throughout its run, so when it came time to refresh the design for the 2021 roll out, they doubled down, quite literally. 

Say hello to the Callaway Supersoft and Supersoft MAX

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

It is only fitting to start with the main squeeze of the golf ball duo. The 2021 Supersoft is one looking to build on what is becoming a legacy by providing a more premium cover blend while still staying true to its target audience. That audience is typically the mid-high handicappers who are focused on longer distance, straighter flight, and a softer feel. 

Callaway SuperSoft golf balls

When you ask what the Supersoft compares to, the answer is, well, nothing. Yes, many are entering this realm, but they are all chasing the Supersoft. Design wise, the focus remains on Callaway’s Hex aerodynamics and high-speed soft compression core, which in tandem make for a two-piece design that maximizes speed along with offering super low spin and high launch. The differentiator this year is the application of the hybrid cover now utilizing DOW’s Paraloid Impact Modifier, the same used in the new ERC, which accentuates all the traits the Supersoft is known for, but also increases spin consistency and control in the short game. 

Callaway Super Soft alignment

Based on their internal testing, head-to-head with the Supersoft 19, the new 21 is lower spinning with higher launch while also offering a jump in ball speed. For the player seeking straight distance and forgiveness, the Supersoft looks primed to remain a dominant figure. 

Callaway Supersoft MAX Golf Ball

The name tells you a lot about the new Supersoft MAX ball design. This is one created with the intent of being Callaway’s most forgiving golf ball aimed predominantly at the higher handicap or slower swingers like seniors and juniors who seek out ways to maximize their distance through improving impact and maximizing forgiveness. 

Callaway supersoft max golf balls

A 2-piece design, the premium here is being put on creating good contact and getting the ball up higher and easier from impact. Target golfers here are straight forward players who take full swings the vast majority of the time while also simply aiming at the middle of the green. Higher flight from tee all the way into the green means more distance and playability.

callaway supersoft max alignment

The MAX offers a Tri-Blend Ionomer cover and high-speed low-compression core whose focus is maximized launch, low spin, and an ultra-soft feel. 

The Details

Both the 2021 Supersoft and Supersoft MAX golf balls will hit shelves on 2/4/21 with a price of $22.99, settling into an amazingly comfortable place for their target audience. Additionally, multiple colors are available with both coming in gloss white and yellow and the regular Supersoft also having matte green, pink, red, and orange options. 

Do either of these golf ball designs intrigue you? Be sure to jump into the conversation here as well as on the THP Community!

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