New Family of TaylorMade Spider Putters

Quick, what is the word for something that most human beings on planet earth are absolutely terrified of but also one of the most famous putter lines of all time?

Well, of course it’s Spider. 

The new family of TaylorMade Spider putters

In 2021 it definitely looks like TaylorMade is committed to putting their putter focus towards the iconic name and being honest with the debacle that was the Truss line, and it is a pretty solid game plan to get that taste out of consumers mouths. But rather than just a refresh of one variation, the mothership is dropping four members of the Spider family for 2021. 

Let’s take a closer look at each. 

TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast

First is the new iteration of what has become the flagship Spider shape, the Spider X. With its more compact look while maintaining the MOI benefits of the original Spider shape, the X is one of the most popular putter models out there. 

TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast

This year the TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast is being released with a new “Hydro Blast” finish that is actually more of a new application process. Here, water is applied during the process to create the smooth premium finish, which in this case is a deep, rich, silver. 

The finish on Taylormade Spider X Hydro Blast

Along with the return of the multi-material construction and return of the white True Path alignment design, the Spider X this year will utilize TaylorMade’s white TPU Pure Roll insert which is the softest of the company’s inserts. The Spider X Hydro Blast comes with a chrome KBS CT Tour putter shaft and TM branded SuperStroke GTR 1.0. Additionally, it will be available in RH and LH in flow neck and single bend variations. 

TaylorMade Spider EX

The Spider EX is a shape with softer overall lines and more rounded rear section. The head is also a bit larger heel to toe and front to back than the Spider X, offering another unique visual in the lineup. There are multiple materials at play here in the form of heavy tungsten (20g, 25g, or 30g) being placed in the back weights of the aluminum composite frame which also has heavy steel (28g each) co-molded into the from on the heel and toe areas of the forward putter area. Also, the EX features TaylorMade’s first Co-Molded Pure Roll insert which uses both TPU and silver aluminum beams. 

The TaylorMade Spider EX

For aesthetic and alignment, the Spider EX comes in white, silver, or blue main colors while each utilizes TaylorMade’s white True Path alignment. This version of True path however, is unique to this new shape as it flares out at the face to let golfers align the face easier and at the same time make use of the dual-line and 3-dot topline alignment aid. 

The alignment on the TaylorMade Spider EX

The EX uses the newly engineered Fluted Feel putter shaft which has a softer section 5-inches from the tip in a nod to the original fluted shafts as well as to increase feel without sacrificing stability or dispersion. The Spider EX is finished with a TM branded SuperStroke GTR 1.0 and comes in short-slant, flow-neck, and single bend options that are all available in both dexterities. 

TaylorMade Spider S

The “S” is back this year as well with its heavy tungsten rear weight bar that connects the “wings” while also working in conjunction with two 42.5 cast-in sole weights near the face on the heel and toe side to create optimized stability according to TaylorMade. The weight bar comes in four different masses ranging from 40g up to 70g and makes the Spider S have the deepest center of gravity of all Spider putters. 

The TaylorMade Spider S

Finished in a platinum silver body, it also uses a True Path alignment design which is specifically created for this head shape. This variation is the exact width of a golf ball and created to make centering the ball to the face as easy as possible. 

The Spider S uses the same TPU Pure Roll insert that is in the X to create a softer feel and consistent roll. It is also rounded out with the previously discussed new Fluted Feel shaft and TM branded SuperStroke GTR 1.0 grip to complete the performance and aesthetic package. The Spider S comes in plumber’s neck and single bend options for both RH and LH golfers. 

TaylorMade Spider SR 

Last but not least, the Spider SR putter is a winged/fanged mallet design more reminiscent to another hyper popular shape on Tour than the Spider namesake it’s working with. Overall, it is similar to the Spider S but rather than using a rear weight bar to connect the wings, it has a middle forward flange.

The TaylorMade Spider SR

That flange is where the True Path alignment for this shape resides while using weights (7.5g to 22.5g) on the back of each wing in conjunction with 58g cast in forward heel and toe weights on the sole. The TPU Pure Roll is in play here as well, again emphasizing providing a softer overall feel. 

The whole design is wrapped up with the new Fluted Feel putter shaft and TM branded SuperStroke GTR 1.0 grip. For the Spider SR, it is a platinum silver finish which ties the whole lineup together. In terms of neck options, this one will be available for golfers standing on both sides of the ball in a flow neck as well as single bend option. 

The Details

The new TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast and EX putters will be available on 3/12/21 and the Spider S and SR will drop officially on 4/9/21.  Our friends at BudgetGolf will have them in stock on release day.

How do the wide variety of new Spider options strike you? Do you plan on giving them a roll? Be sure to let us know below or jump into the conversation on the THP Community as well to be heard!

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