In the past year at THP we have been able to take a deep dive into the KINETIXX family of golf shafts including the Ballistic Iron Shafts and Velocity shafts, but even then there is still so much more to discover. At times, KINETIXX seems to sail under the radar of many golfers, but only because they don’t really understand the depth to which they not only engineer their shafts, but actually produce their materials. Those looking for a deeper understanding of the brand can also reference this article where we sat down for some Q&A with KINETIXX CEO and CTO, Jason Horodezky. 

With all that said, today KINETIXX is officially announcing the newest shaft designs into their matrix of options which goes by the moniker “CHARGED”, and for good reason. Let it be crystal clear, this is not a replacement of anything for KINETIXX, this is an addition which in their opinion makes their fitting potential the most robust out there. 


When you dive into KINETIXX in terms of materials and applications, the phrase “cutting edge” is practically selling it short. Not only do they produce their own materials, but they have historically been capable of applying materials into designs where other companies have simply failed. Through their specialized processes like filament winding and vacuum curing they are producing shafts that are engineered inside and out to a level that few truly grasp. 

This year KINETIXX is expanding their offerings to include the new CHARGED lineup which will complement the BALLISTIC, LAUNCH, and VELOCITY designs under the KINETIXX umbrella. This release offers something that is unique in the market as it not only continues the company’s focus on creating shafts which optimize the inertial transfer of energy through the golf swing, but it is also using electrostatic charged materials. Yes, you read that right. 

The company has developed a proprietary high density HSS electrostatic charged twill fabric that is being used in specific locations of each shaft in the CHARGED lineup. The purpose of this material is both to place weight in pinpoint locations, but also to increase the hoop strength at the kick point of each shaft. For those unfamiliar with hoop strength, it is the ability of the shaft/material to resist ovaling (deformation) through the swing which can severely hinder the energy transfer of the shaft as well as the overall dispersion for the golfer. 

Through the application of this charged twill fabric, KINETIXX has increased the efficiency of the shafts and also designed each flex to have one specific kick-point across the driver, fairway, and utility/hybrid options. According to the company, the KINETIXX CHARGED golf shafts design makes for a forgiving and efficient collective of shafts which are tailored for players with moderate to fast swings that desire more efficiency and speed, but also could use some increases in spin and trajectory. 

Kinetixx Charged Blue


The CHARGED line is able to specifically place 18-22% of the shafts total weight through the previously discussed design engineering, this means optimizing the kinetic energy transfer from the player to the club. These three shaft options and their specific kick point are designed to complement the rest of the KINETIXX Loaded shaft options and push the company even further into having one of the broadest and deepest fitting lineups out there with something for players of all skill levels and swing types. 

Each of the shafts also feature the trademark KINETIXX visible fiber technology and are vacuum sealed for the utmost precision. Visually, these are absolute stunners both in the base matte colors chosen but also the application of the visible fiber and electrostatic charged twill. They definitely keep with the KINETIXX tradition of visible technology, and the fact that each shaft in the line is unique with its charged twill placement makes it stand out even more. Honestly, in hand they are the most unique and eye-catching shafts I have seen. 

Each shaft in the CHARGED line is color coded based on flex, so a dive into each makes sense here. 

Kinetixx Charged Gold

KINETIXX CHARGED GOLD is the stiff flex shaft of the lineup for the driver, fairway, and utility/hybrid and has a speed range of 95-108 MPH according to the company. This one is the high kick-point option with a stiff butt section, firm+ mid, and medium tip making for a mid-high launch and trajectory with mid spin. In terms of tempo, the GOLD lines up for the slow to mid realm of golfers. Also, it is worth noting that this is the counterbalanced design of the three CHARGED shafts. Aesthetically this one has a matte black finish fading to showcasing the charged fiber with a gold wire accent just below the grip section. 

KINETIXX CHARGED RED falls in as the regular flex option which carries a recommended swing speed range of 80-95 MPH. The Red has a firm butt section, firm middle, and medium tip while being the mid kick-point option. The Red is considered a mid in launch, trajectory, and spin and settles in to a slow-to-mid tempo segment. This is a standard balance design and features an electric blue matte main color while its charged fiber has red wire accents and is located in the middle of the shaft. 

KINETIXX CHARGED BLUE is actually the “light” flex model pointed at the slow-to-mid tempo swingers in the 60-80 MPH range. This is the low kick point option which is firm in the butt section and medium+ in the mid and tip. Naturally, with the kick point location the Blue has highest flight and spin of the three options with launch and trajectory classified as high and spin at mid-high. Visually, the Blue is the design that pops the most with its matte sky-blue body finish which fades to give way to the blue wire charged fiber section towards the tip of the shaft. 

Kinetixx Charged Red

The Details

KINETIXX is officially releasing the new CHARGED shaft lineup today, 3/1/21, and they will be available directly from the company as well as in premier fitting locations nation-wide

Be sure to keep an eye on THP as we will have much more coming with the CHARGED line. What do you think of the profiles? Is it something you want to try out? Jump into the conversation and let your thoughts be heard!

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