Ping G410 Crossover Review

The Quick Take:

The PING G410 Crossover is a long-iron replacement that combines the clean, mostly compact design of an iron with a hollow body design and technology of a hybrid.  Aimed at the better players among us, the aptly named Crossover tries to bridge the gap between iron and hybrid.  The result is a compact iron shape that provides ball speed and forgiveness more in line with a hybrid.  While it isn’t perfect, it’s very well executed and a lot of fun.

 Ping G410 Crossover:

The seemingly never-ending battle between hybrids, long irons, and the occasional high-numbered fairway wood continues to rage on.  Although most players have a clear preference for one of these options, the PING G410 Crossover lives in the world between the long iron and the hybrid and attempts to deliver the aesthetic appeal of an iron with the performance of a hybrid. PING sent in for review a 3-crossover G410, which is designed to replace either the 3-iron or a 7-wood in your bag. The standard setup of the 3-crossover is a 20-degree loft, 39.75” PING Alta CB 70 Red shaft, and a swing weight of D1. Although the review iron was a black dot, the G410 crossover comes in each of the 10 color codes that will allow you to find the right lie angle for you.

The look of a club can be the make or break factor, regardless of how it performs.  The great news is that if you are a fan of good-looking irons, the G410 Crossover will probably catch your eye.  It features a compact, hollow-body design that is surprisingly sleek and trim for a 3-iron replacement.  Indeed, the G410 has a noticeably smaller profile, including both at the sole and the top line, compared to the G400 version.  By way of comparison, the G410 looks a bit like a larger i500 iron than the G400 Crossover.  And the G410 features the chrome Hydropearl finish that adds to the aesthetics while reducing friction with the turf to improve launch and spin from the rough and wet grass according to PING.

Not just a great looking club, the G410 is packed with technology.  For instance, to maintain a high MOI in its new smaller, compact design, PING added some visual technology in the form of a 30-gram tungsten weight.  This additional weight not only increases MOI, but can also prove helpful in preventing the toe from turning over at impact.  The G410 Crossover also features a C300 maraging-steel face to provide fast ball speeds.  Hidden behind that face is an Internal Rib Structure designed to aid the sound and feel of impact.

Golf isn’t played on paper, but thankfully the PING G410 technology translates onto the course very well.  Simply put, the G410 Crossover is a dynamite utility iron that delivers high ball speeds and excellent spin rates.  And the increased MOI from the 30-gram tungsten weight proved very effective at keeping the ball on the intended line regardless of minor miss-hits.  However, my time with this club wasn’t all sunshine and roses – taking it to the course provided two very different experiences; one incredible and one that proved challenging.

As a driving iron, the G410 Crossover stands out and truly separates itself from the field by delivering outstanding distance, piercing launch, excellent spin numbers, and explosive ball speeds.  It was regularly providing longer carry distance than an iron with less loft. And as shown below, the 30-gram tungsten weight in the toe (and its resulting increase in MOI) made it very, very easy to hit straight shots.  This translated into immeasurable confidence on the tee box.  Further, the PING Alta CB 70 Red shaft, and its counter-balanced design, provides fantastic feel and stood up to every hard swing I could give it. I will not mince words – the G410 Crossover is one of the better driving irons I have tested without question.

From the fairway and rough, however, the G410 shined a bit less in my hands.  Although it was easy to hit straight and with good ball speed, the launch and peak height was inconsistent on off-center contact. For example, as shown below, peak heights ranged from 23 yards on lesser strikes to 37 yards on great strikes (a 42 foot difference).  As a result, carry distances were inconsistent and this made it hard to trust the G410 as a true hybrid replacement. Perhaps someone at a higher swing speed or with a very repeatable swing could avoid these issues, but it serves as a reminder that the G410 Crossover is best marketed to the better players.

Finally, I must say that while the G410 is a joy to hit, it does produce a hollow, metallic sound at impact.  If you are someone that is sensitive to sound or has a preferred sound, I strongly suggest you hit this club before purchasing. The performance may trump the sound but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

All in all, the G410 Crossover is a club that delivers on what it promises, is loaded with technology, and is a dramatic aesthetic improvement over previous iterations. It is one of the best driving irons I have had the pleasure of hitting and will be a mainstay in my bag in that role, but otherwise proved challenging.  If you prefer the look of a sleek iron over a hybrid but want the benefits of both, I’d highly recommend hitting the G410 Crossover and putting it through its paces.  You can learn more about the club and other PING offerings on their website or join in the conversation in the forum here.

The Details:

Availability – In stores now

Cost – $229.00

Heads – 2-Crossover (17°), 3-Crossover (20°), 4-Crossover (23°)

Stock shaft – PING Alta CB Red 70

Additional shaft options – PING Tour 85; Project X EvenFlow Black 85; Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue 70; Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue 80

Grip – Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

You can find this club at retailers across the nation and online, including at Budget Golf where THP readers can use a coupon code to receive 15% off (see code at the top right of this article).

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