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I love clothes and I especially love golf clothes. The skorts, the capris, the fun polos and sleeveless tops, you can mix and match them to create so many amazing outfits. There is one thing missing from the items listed above to complete a woman’s perfect golf closet….dresses. Thanks to some wonderful viewers THP was introduced to a new ladies golf apparel and accessories company that makes the nicest dresses I have seen today. The company is Pink Tee, and you may not have heard of them yet, but I strongly believe they will become a household name very soon. I had the pleasure of speaking with co-founder, Misti Snow, to learn more about her company, the clothes and how they got started.

Golfer Gal: THP is honored to be one of the first places to review Pink Tee. I can say with full confidence that I absolutely LOVED your product. Can you tell me how you got started?

Misti: My business partner Amy Wisehart and I have been working together for 14 years. We have a strong business background working with financial start-up companies in the mortgage industry . We learned how to play golf early on due to the nature of our business. When the mortgage industry started to take a downward turn we started golfing more. I would go to my local Roger Dun (that is a large golf store in Orange County) looking for golf apparel but could never find anything I liked. So I would buy clothes at a major department store and tailor them to be golf appropriate and attractive. Everything just sort of fell into place after that.

Golfer Gal: Does Pink Tee have a particular style? Do you have a signature item?

Misti: We are more boutique wear than resort style wear. Our clothes are causal but edgy. Our signature item would definitely be our dresses.

Golfer Gal: I loved the fit and the feel of your clothing. When I first held the dress I was a little concerned with it’s weight but once I put it on it looked and felt great! Can you tell me a little more about the fabric and the cuts?

Misti: We were actually a little worried about the weight as well, but like you said once you put it on it feels great. We design our own fabrics. They are a little heavier than your standard jersey material but they are still breathable like jersey, move like spandex, and feel great. We use a drop waist for the dresses which we feel really helps to hide any bulges. Our fit model is between a size 8 and 10 and she said she feels she can wear the dresses with confidence.

Golfer Gal: We noticed with the dresses that you sent some had attached booty shorts and others had them detached. Is there a reason behind that?

Misti: Yes, we did a survey to find out what the main preference was and it turned out to be 50/50. So we are going to offer the dresses either way. We are thinking with the detachable booty shorts maybe we will add some fun embroidery to them.

Golfer Gal: Two for the price of one, we love that! On your website you have more than just clothing you also have fun gifts, can you tell us more about that?

Misti: When we went to the PGA show in fall we brought little pink tee pouches with pink tees in them as promotional items, and they were a hit. So, we decided to add those to our inventory as well as fun ball markers and towels to match your outfit. We have paired up with a ball marker designer to make ones to match the style of the clothing. We also like the idea that if you or your friend already have the clothes then the accessories are a great alternative or gift idea.

Golfer Gal: I see that you have some items with the signature breast cancer awareness pink ribbon. Is there a reason or a story behind that?

Misti: We are donating 10-15% of our profits from any of the items with the pink ribbon on them to the Susan B. Komen foundation. We want to give back to our community and to women, we want to keep women empowered.

Golfer Gal: THP thinks that is just wonderful as there is not a woman in the world, or man really for that matter, who hasn’t been effected by a family member or friend with cancer. Final question, where can people find Pink Tee?

Misti: At the moment we are taking wholesale orders for the apparel which will be shipped in March. We will also have our online retail store at Pink Tee where you can find a few choice items and all the fun accessories. Plus we will be on three other websites to be named later.

Golfer Gal: We are so honored to be one of the first to review your company, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today.

I very rarely say that someone makes the nicest stuff I have ever seen, but I can say with full confidence that Pink Tee makes the nicest dresses I have seen so far. When we contacted Misti about doing a review she said she would send some sample items over. I was not prepared for how amazing everything would be. She sent three polo style dresses, a jacket, a t shirt, a black skort, and the famous tee pouch. Once I saw the pouch I knew why everyone went crazy over it. It’s a beautiful embroidered silk pouch that you can clip onto your golf bag and inside are pink tees of course.

The three dresses she sent, as I have said before, are the best dresses I have ever seen or worn. One was blue with the drop waist mentioned in the interview, with a collared neckline, and buttons halfway down. This one came with the detachable booty shorts (or bloomers). The second dress was white with a plaid design on the waist, collar and on the front where it buttoned down halfway. The final dress, and my favorite of the bunch, was a brown polo style dress with the same collard neck and dropped waistline. What I liked best about this dress was the way the skirt flowed. You could do a quick twirl and it would flare our like a great costume you would see professional ball room dancers wear. I just loved how fun it was, not to mention comfortable. That is what I liked the most about all the dresses, they were so comfortable I could wear them to play golf, go to work, or even sleep in. The other part that really got me was how flattering they were. Just like Misti said the fabric sucks you in in all the right places. Petite or plus size you will look like a million bucks in these dresses, and feel like it too. I almost forgot to mention the most important part, each dress has a holder for your own person pink tee.

The shirt she sent has beautiful pleats in the shoulder area to create a subtle feminine look. This top could easily be worn off the golf course as well as on. At first glance it didn’t look like it was going to do much for me, it was cute but not very form fitting. It turns out that is what I liked the most about it. It didn’t cling to all my curves, but it sit so beautifully on my body that it was still flattering. For the days you want to look sexy but just don’t feel it, this is the perfect go-to top. If you matched it up with the black skort we received you would have one killer outfit. On the side of the skort there is a spot to hold a tee just like the dresses. The length was perfect and it fit very true to size.

The final item was the jacket. When I first tried it on, I am not going to lie, I was very confused. The zipper seemed off center so I kept trying to move the jacket over, and I must have tugged for a good 5 minutes….and then the light bulb turned on. I looked at the stitching on the pockets and realized the zipper was supposed to be off center! I loved it, how creative and clever. They took an ordinary jacket and turned it into something extraordinary. The collar flips down on one side exposing the name Pink Tee. I would describe it as a modern jacket with a vintage flare.

In my opinion there are three things that make a company successful: quality/price, customer service, and fit. I have always been a big believer in quality over quantity and the best part about Pink Tee is that you can have both. They make a top notch product at an affordable price. The dresses are only $75-$80 USD which is cheaper than most high-end polos. When we reached out to Misti she responded immediately and during our interview she continued to stress how important the customer is to her and Pink Tee. As for the final component to a successful company they passed with flying colors. If a dress looks like a million bucks but feels like you can sleep in it you know you have a winner. With the lethal combo of great clothing and fun gifts and accessories I think Pink Tee has the perfect recipe for success.

To view all the great gifts and accessories and to get a sneak peak at their incredible apparel you can check out there website at Pink Tee.

UPDATE: I spoke with Misti today and she informed me that Pink Tee items will be available for purchase the beginning of March. As soon as we have more details on the exact date and which websites you can make a purchase at we will let everyone know.

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