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Men’s fashion accessories continue to show steady growth, and one in particular is a mainstay in most golfers’ wardrobes – the belt. A company called Beltology is banking on the belt becoming the next big fashion statement – and they aren’t talking about that white thing in your sock drawer. They offer not only a number of unique patterns, but also what amounts to a complete redesign of the materials belts are made of.



A partnership of Andrew Heffernan of Ireland and Anna Lundberg of Sweden, Beltology believes “a belt should be a statement accessory.” They have over 80 different styles of belts and continually add more to their catalog. To quote the company, “We don’t sell boring belts!”

Product Features



The straps of a Beltology belt stretch up to 2-3 inches of their original length. They are made of either waxed cotton, rayon or polyester and all contain an elastic center. It is this elastic material that allows the belt to stretch and return to its original length.

A stretch woven belt is more comfortable, more adjustable and fits just right.

No Holes

Our belts have no holes. The prong simply passes through the webbing of the strap anywhere you feel fits best. With no holes comes no restrictions.

Hardware and Trim

Our buckles are made of a metal called Zamak, which is a family of alloys with a base metal of Zinc and alloying elements of aluminum, magnesium and copper. This gives the buckles a heavy and sturdy look and feel.

The Beltologists select from premium full-grain leather for our trims, allowing our belts to wear better over time.

Prices and Availability

Prices range from $55 to $65 and belts can be returned within 60 days. Beltology is a direct-to-consumer business, and their products can be ordered on their website,

Keeping Score and Silver Spoon


Named above, Beltology sent two samples from their vast collection of belts. One very enjoyable aspect of the products is that there isn’t any guesswork in picking a size. Since they stretch, Beltology recommends buying the same size as your pants’ waist size. Another positive that comes out of the adjustable nature of the stretchy material is that if you’re planning on a waist size decrease (or increase), the belt may just remain wearable. The belts were sampled in both the 32” and 34” versions and both were comfortable and functional for a 32” waist pants size.

Keeping Score ($60) features a black & white pin-pattern made of elastic rayon with full grain black leather and a brushed nickel buckle. Silver Spoon ($60) is navy with white/red/white stripes made in waxed cotton, with full grain brown leather trim and a polished nickel buckle. Each belt comes in a decorative box and a protective pouch, along with a reminder that the company stands by their products and wants to make sure their customers are happy.

At first glance (and unique patterns aside), there wasn’t a great deal of excitement opening either box containing a single belt. How quickly things change though. There is nothing more enjoyable while reviewing products than finding those that pleasantly surprise you, and that’s exactly what Beltology was able to afford. Though it seems almost too simple to matter, a stretchy belt is absolutely one of the greatest ideas we’ve seen. The benefits are numerous, but the most enjoyable was the ability to get a snug and comfortable fit without overthinking sizing. The webbing, which allows the prong to be placed virtually anywhere, takes out the potential for the belt that fits almost right. From personal experience, a pair of belt holes that don’t quite match that sweet spot you are looking for is annoyance in the least and obsolete at worst.


About the only downside noted was a slightly thicker leather end on the Keeping Score belt, which made it just a little more difficult than normal to tuck into the belt loop. Other than that, Beltology made a product we want to wear.

The patterns on both sample belts are definitely noticeable and do limit pairing options, with solid colors being the most logical choice for both. The Keeping Score belt did a great job of breaking up a black pants/black shirt pairing without the glaring border that a white belt produces. With a pair of either navy or khaki pants, the Silver Spoon can work with a variety of tops, including red, white, and sky blue to name a few. It should be noted that Beltology does offer solid color options as well, and after experiencing the two samples, it’s only a matter of time before one or more are ordered by the reviewer.


In the end, Beltology first offers a comfortable and versatile belt that can be either as nondescript or as conspicuous as one may desire. More information, along with the entire Beltology lookbook, can be found on the company’s website,

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