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In golf, innovation doesn’t just have to come with clubs, but because they are the thing most of us focus on, the smaller attempts at pushing boundaries can sometimes be lost. One such example is from a small company called Caddy Daddy Golf. They have essentially taken the idea and materials behind the gloves we see running backs and receivers wearing in football games (super tacky) and pushed to implement them into a golf glove to take advantage of their performance traits.


Caddy Daddy Golf on the 2015 Talon Golf Glove:

The New Talon Golf Glove features revolutionary Tack Fusion™ grip technology. The cutting-edge materials play much cooler and last longer than typical leather gloves. The Talon glove is remarkably comfortable and provides maximum flexibility. The grip re-energizes with machine wash or damp cloth.

  • Ultra-Thin Tack-Fusion Palm Provides Optimal Grip and Feel
  • Full Motion Mesh Improves Breathability and Fit
  • Micro-Suede Delivers Maximum Flexibility and Comfort
  • Perforated Design Enhances Cooling Properties
  • Machine Washable, Air Dry
  • Detachable Ball Marker
  • Extraordinary Grip in all Conditions
  • Conforms with USGA Rules
  • Price: $17.99

Looks and Performance:

The Talon Golf Glove is a relatively simple design aesthetically. The back of the glove is made up of a breathable lightweight mesh combined with a grey micro-suede material on the finger tips, around the wrist, and across the knuckles to increase durability. The real eye catcher though is obviously the palm, with the bright white and glossy “Tack Fusion” technology. The material is backed with a felt-like texture, which definitely makes it more comfortable on the hand. Though simple, it’s a balanced look that won’t be a turn-off, while still drawing some intrigue.


The overall design features some solid stitching to join all of the materials together, something we always pay attention to when it comes to gloves, particularly from smaller companies. During testing the majority of the stitching held up just fine with a lot of use; however, two of the three gloves received did have some stitches pop on the back of the hand, leaving the micro-suede strip across the knuckles hanging loose at the end. It should be noted that this very likely could have been a sizing issue for the reviewer, as the gloves fit pretty snugly. Overall though, the body of the glove held up pleasantly well.


The key feature is the “Tack Fusion” palm section. It’s easily the tackiest golf glove this reviewer has used in practice and on course, and frankly it isn’t even close. Though the palm and fingers did show some yellowing with prolonged use, a wet towel cleaned the glove up nicely. Additionally, the wipe down also served to return tack to the “Tack Fusion” material and did so surprisingly well.


Overall the glove performed surprisingly well during testing. As mentioned before, the amount of tack provided is unrivaled by anything this reviewer has used. One area of some concern though is just how hot the material can be. Caddy Daddy Golf has made sure to focus on the “perforated design” as they call it, not only across the front and back of the fingers, but in the lifeline of the palm as well. Since the palm is essentially a very thin rubber material backed with a felt-like texture, it isn’t the most breathable material to work with and this lead to some sweating inside the glove. In a sign of the material’s merits though, the potential moisture does not work through to the palm. It remains internalized, for better or worse. The Talon Glove was also used in the rain and really shined here, leaving no fear of losing the club in the swing.

Parting Thoughts:

Caddy Daddy Golf has definitely pushed the preconceived notions of what a golf glove is supposed to be and what it can be. As with anything else, there are some unique traits that may take users some time to get used to, but if tackiness is the focus the Talon Golf Glove will certainly perform well. It will be interesting to see if they continue to develop the design both aesthetically and performance wise, because the potential here is very real.

The Talon Golf glove is priced at $17.99 and can be found on the Caddy Daddy website,


Due to having some issues with the stitching across the knuckles on one of the original gloves which were reviewed, Caddy Daddy was kind enough to send in the next size up (XL) with the belief that sizing posted the issue and not the quality. After spending several range sessions and multiple rounds with the gloves in a more proper size for this reviewer they held up marvelously and there were no issues seen with the stitching. It is always impressive to see a company step up in support of their product and try to rectify things when they are capable. This is a great example of a brand that really believes in what they are producing. In all, it was a re-confirmation that these gloves have a whole lot of “unique” going for them, as they are easily the most tacky golf glove this reviewer has ever tried out and with that comes a lot of performance capabilities, depending on what the user is looking for in a golf glove. 

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