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With the popularity of playing music on the course rising, so is the importance of having a quality speaker system to sync with a cell phone or music player while practicing or playing.  The NYNE Cruiser, also known as the Biker Buddy, is based on an easy-to-clip design feature that quickly and securely attaches to handlebars.

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Enhance your active lifestyle with the NYNE Cruiser, a rugged, portable wireless Bluetooth speaker you can take with you anywhere, anytime. Adjustable handlebar mounting clips let you add musical pizzazz to a leisurely bike ride or a humdrum gym workout. Use the carabineer to clip the Cruiser onto your backpack and take a hike. Got a cranky baby in a stroller? You’ll appreciate the convenience of lullabies or rock music at your fingertips, right next to the cup holder. The fashionable two-tone rubberized finish protects against spills or raindrops. The versatile NYNE Cruiser also features a 10-hour rechargeable battery, state-of-the-art NFC technology, and a built-in noise-canceling microphone for hands-free calling. If you’re on the move, you need the Cruiser!


  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input
  • Universal handlebar mount clips
  • NFC for simplified pairing
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of 33 feet
  • 10 Hrs. playtime
  • Built-in phone charging via USB
  • Carry Case with spring loaded hook

Out of the box, eyes are drawn immediately to the unique shape of the Cruiser unit.  While being quite stable when placed on a flat surface due to a square base, the speaker curves nicely rather than being a box-like speaker design.  Sharp blue outlining on the right side of the unit focuses attention to buttons for volume, song change, pause/play, and speaker phone.

Pairing a phone is as simple as moving the phone near the “NFC” labeling on the side of the Cruiser unit or scanning through the music device and pairing directly.  Upon syncing with the Cruiser, music can be played through Bluetooth 4.0 upwards of 33 feet.  This is something worth considering for those paired to the Cruiser with their pocketed cell phones during a round of golf.

Sound quality is on par with expectations for a unit of this size.  Testing found the audible quality to be best when the paired device volume setting was as high as possible, allowing the 10 watts of music power in the Nyne Cruiser to take over from there.   While it is unlikely the output will cause head rattling bass, changing music styles offered a nice blend of sound quality output.  With ten hours of playtime between charges, the Nyne Cruiser provides ample playback based on the standard length of a golf round.

Built into the Cruiser Bluetooth speaker is a noise cancelling microphone for hands free calling.  Incoming calls to a paired phone will allow users to communicate directly through the unit rather than finding their phone.  Voice clarity through the unit is strong both for the caller and the person speaking into the device.   

In-cart positioning can sometimes be a challenge with Bluetooth devices; however, there are numerous placements where the Nyne Cruiser performed admirably.  With the sleek design, positioning inside the driver or passenger cubby hole, in the rear basket, or even atop the front of the cart leaning against the plastic shield were all excellent options. While the clips included with the device make for a very sturdy solution while on the go, there proved to be limited bars in which to apply the clips on a golf cart.  This could prove more feasible when utilizing a push cart. However, the soft case with carabineer makes transport and music listening easy when walking the course.  For golfers who prefer to walk while they play, the Nyne Cruiser includes a soft shell case that can be attached to a golf bag with a carabineer.  Labeling on the case shows button placement, and users can enjoy clear music despite the speaker being enclosed. 

With many Bluetooth speaker options available, consumers should expect durability, versatility, and quality.  The Nyne Cruiser offers long lasting music quality in a product that can be used during many activities, at a reasonable price.   For more information about the Nyne Cruiser, visit

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  • Nicely written Dan! Bluetooth music on a golf course. I was a sceptic till I experienced it. Adds another dimension to golf really. Durability and versatility is exactly where it’s at. Quality of sound for some is an issue. One other selling point is battery life as time goes on. Some units suffer short battery life after multiple recharges. It will be interesting to see how these all stack up in the years to come.

  • Great write-up Dan! While it sounds like a great option for golf, it also would work remarkably well for family walks or bike rides with the clips. While the size is a little bit bigger than what I’d typically look for in a bluetooth speaker, the mounting options (clips, soft case) make up for that and make it just as versatile, if not more so than smaller speakers.

  • Enjoyed this Dan. My first thought was skepticism when you first put the thread up, but it appears like my thoughts were completely unfounded. The fact that it’s a biking accessory makes me wonder about the weight. Is it really light? If so, what would you compare it to. Weight becomes especially important if you’re hoofing a bag.

  • Well done Dan, it’s always nice to know what options are out there for music on the course, such a great distraction to keep me loose while playing.

  • Fantastic review on this device Dan!

    They really seemed to have thought of everything with the design on this one and I can’t think of one reason why this would not be an ideal option on/off the course.

    The carabiner with bag enclosure is a great touch.

  • My buddies and I started with battery operated radios, now we have bluetooth speakers. I love playing golf with music on, it really helps me enjoy the round, and keeps me loose through poor shots.

  • Great info on this Dan. I love the versatility on this thing, that’s one hang up on just about every other speaker out there other than a SoundChuck really. Sounds like this one should definitely be on people’s short list of speakers to check out. Thanks!

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