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Any type of fashion articles on The Hackers Paradise would not be the same without PUMA. THP has had the opportunity to cover their apparel over the course of the last year in quite a few instances. They even won a THP Readers Choice Award for apparel innovation this last year. But after meeting with them at the PGA Merchandise Show early in 2009, one thing was for certain. We could not wait for the opportunity to see the Fall Fashions come into our offices.
PUMA Golf sent over both mens and ladies apparel and for the purpose of this preview we are keeping them separate. The ladies preview can be seen today as well after finishing up with this one. For the men we received two outfits that we will go over separately as well as a jacket and a pair of shoes. I think you will find that PUMA stepped it up for their fall line this year and as most of our readers know, we really liked the last line. I think you will find that when you take great cutting edge design, mix in wonderful golf tech materials, and an overall style that is perfect you get PUMA Golf.

Outfit #1

The Patterned Bermudas were one of the big winners this year for Fall fashion Preview. If you like “tech” material you will immediately fall for the shorts. Extreme light weight comfort and yet in our testing they seem to be water resistant. The pattern is a white and gray plaid with thin dark red stripes going through it. Something that we really love. It gives the bottoms versatility that many shorts of today lack.
The back features an oversized belt loop that is marked with the classic PUMA “18 hole design”. The front features the traditional PUMA logo on the left in white and outlined in red to make it pop.
The Golf Zip Polo that they matched this outfit with does wonders in a very subtle way. It features a zipper rather than buttons and has an all white front with full and partial gray “18 hole designs” on one side of it and the PUMA logo on the other side. The back side of the shirt has the same gray designs and then one red one to stand out. It is also a perfect compliment to the subtle red in the shorts. The comfort and fit of the shirt are wonderful and light weight but seem slightly thicker than the last line which we think is perfect for fall.
The belt that goes with this outfit is the Enamel Belt that features a patent leather look to the strap and a good sized buckle that is white and chrome with the traditional PUMA logo on it. It really brought out the details of the entire outfit when paired together.
The PUMA Club golf shoes simply work perfectly with the entire outfit. They are a combination of water repellant polyurethane-coated leather and water repellant synthetic leather. They are not your traditional golf shoe and it was nice putting something on that looked different. They are extremely comfortable as most of the PUMA golf shoes are and have style that only PUMA can pull off.
Outfit #2
The Plain Bermudas are anything but plain or ordinary in the eyes of THP. While the color may be khaki these are not simple in anyway. They are slightly thicker than the first outfit and are 51% cotton, 45% polyester, and 5% elastane.
While they have traditional pockets, they also feature a zippered pocket on the front outlined in a dark gray that is perfect for holding other items. Like the first pair they also feature one oversized belt loop featuring the “18 hole design”.
The Yarn Dye Polo is done in two shades of blue with a larger white stripe through the middle. It is 100% polyester and while it looks like a traditional cotton golf shirt, it is all “tech” with moisture wicking. It has the PUMA logo on the chest in white and outlined with blue that really pops and gives the apparel an overall stylish look. The back of the shirt is plain blue and features one “18 hole design” logo in a slightly lighter blue color. Stylish and simple create elegance on the course.
The Graphic Track Jacket is perfect for fall golf. But this jacket does not have to stop at golf at all. With the style incorporated, it can be used for all of Fall and worn just about any place you would normally wear your PUMA gear. We prefer a zippered front to that of a pull over for our jackets and PUMA has incorporated that here. Its burgandy color features both full and partial “18 hole design” logos down both sides of front.

The sleeves are plain in color with a single PUMA logo in red that looks great. The back of the jacket is all burgandy in solid color with the exception of one small golf PUMA logo and one larger “18 hole design” in red. The jacket is 100% polyester and is light enough for many seasons but we found the material perfect for Fall.

Wrap Up
We were anxiously awaiting the PUMA fall apparel and it turned out it was worth the wait. If they keep raising the bar with each offering it is going to be hard to keep up. To keep up with all the latest in the world of PUMA and PUMA Golf check out their two sites.

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Till Next Time

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