Sport Haley Fall 2015 Apparel Review

Earlier this year, THP reviewed the Spring 2015 collection from Sport Haley and their sister company Bette & Court.  We loved their concept which they coined “fashletic”, a combination of fashionable and athletic.  While the colors might be different, we are happy to say that fashletic lives on in the Fall 2015 collection as the style, fit, and feel are the same impressive quality.  For this review THP focused on Sport Haley with two outfit combinations from their Fall 2015 “Isle of Capri” and “Jakarta” collections.

Information on the 2015 Fall Line from Sport Haley:

For more than 28 years, Sport Haley has been offering women timeless, classic and elegantly designed clothing for the golf course and clubhouse. And this year is no exception.

“We always stay true to our customer,” says Cathy Blair, President and Creative Director of Sport Haley. “We have continued to redefine the brand by staying focused. We create lifestyle apparel that works, for everyday and on the course. Our Fall 2015 collections are based on neutrals that pop with color, and fabrics that have purpose. Prints are our passion, and they are our top sellers. We pair them with non-print mixers that round out the collection. Detailing is a strength of our brand, as we give every piece special attention. Our basics have a touch of fashion, and our fashion has a touch of class. Everything is about layering and comfort, and in the end, it is about how we feel in our clothes. They perform.”

By tapping into the mindset of the modern woman and her lifestyle today, Sport Haley knows it’s about the ease and comfort of dressing and the changing rules. The new chic is stylish comfort, whether it be an athletic pant worn with a blazer, a functional performance pant worn with a bit of cashmere and scarf, or a foiled holiday polo with both function and shimmer.

The Nantucket group, one of Fall 2015 collections, takes a new twist on neutrals, mixing rich creams and linens with textures and elegance. Subtle prints are the focal point with a hit of poppy — it’s fabulous.

The Isle of Capri is sporty, introducing a new look to traditional classics. A preppy houndstooth is updated in new silhouettes, the geometrics blend with the new florals, and the grounded graphite and platinum colors are popped with capri. It’s stunning and easy to wear.

Jakarta is rich in not only color but feeling. The prints feel Balinese with leaf florals and etchy patterns yet come together with some athletic styling and sporty graphics, making this lifestyle collection a winner.

“Isle of Capri” Collection Pieces:

Aria Short Sleeve Color-Block Polo

sh_wc211204_cap__68556.1441749994.1280.1280 (400x400)

Shown above, the “Aria” polo does not look like a standard striped or solid polo.  As the name states, it features a color-block design with solid white body that is accented with a gorgeous teal portion and a singular dark blue stripe. By making the teal just a fraction of the coloring on the shirt, it gives the polo great dimension.  The zip-up neckline of the Aria is also a THP favorite as it simply lets the wearer zip to the desired coverage rather than messing with buttons.

The Aria polo fits true to size and was long enough to wear tucked in but also work well untucked, depending on the personal preference of the wearer.  A nice plus to the design is that it has a solid amount of shape in terms of how it contours the body rather than having a more ‘boxy’ form. Also, the sleeves are not at all constricting, which allows the Aria to be a nice fit for a variety of body types.

The “Aria” polo has a retail price of $76.00 USD.

Antonia Plaid Woven Short

sh_wc221211_gra__11712.1441802851.1280.1280 (800x800)

The “Antonia” Plaid shorts reminded us of the “Stella” shorts from the Spring collection. As mentioned in the previous review, the fit was a bit snug, but that could also be due to the body shape of the reviewer. As is pretty typical for this particular “cut” of shorts, the Antonia likely will not have the best fit for more pear shaped women. They do have a lovely classic plaid design, and the pop of teal (which matches the Aria top above perfectly) was well received.  With an overall length of 21” these shorts will land at most wearers knees, or just below for shorter individuals. As was also the case with the Stella from the Spring line, the material was impressively lightweight, stretchy, and breathable.

The “Antonia” shorts retail for $82.00 USD.

“Jakarta” Collection Pieces:

Tiara Sleeveless Solid Polo

sh_wc212308_jav__14268.1442332435.1280.1280 (800x800)

As the picture above shows, the “Tiara” is a sleeveless polo featuring a rich brown color. The neckline has the same zip-up as the Aria from the “Isle of Capri” collection, and once again this was a favorite for THP. To add contrast to the top, Sport Haley used some piping to the neck area for a pop of color.  The material here is super lightweight and flowy with a high comfort level. The overall fit of the top was on the big side and we found the length to be a bit long for leaving untucked. However, a major plus with the design is the fit around the armpit area had no sagging issues which, as most ladies can attest, is one of most significant issues with some sleeveless tops.

The “Tiara” polo is intended to retail for $74.00 USD.

Kalo Pull On Printed Skirt with Liner

sh_wc222312_jav__07989.1443111250.1280.1280 (800x800)

At first glance the pattern on the “Kalo” skirt is a bit busy, but this is a classic case of something looking much better on a person than the hanger. The pattern has character and when paired with the Tiara sleeveless top it offers a wonderful balance of design and color.  This is the type of skirt that can be worn anywhere, not just the golf course. Simply pair the Kalo with a non-golf top and no one would recognize it as a golf skirt. The fabric is tech style material which is soft to the touch while also having a nice amount of stretch. Another nice trait for the Kalo is that just as with past Sport Haley skirts, the shorts underneath were not overly tight and instead were snug, but comfortable. Even with the busy pattern, this piece was really a standout of the Fall line.

The “Kalo” skirt retails for $78.00 USD. 

Closing Thoughts:

Sport Haley has continued to impress us with their lightweight tech materials and modern day colors and designs, many of which can be worn on and off the course. The quality from the Spring collection we reviewed earlier in the year has continued to shine with use, so we see no reason why the Fall 2015 collection will not do the same. If Sport Haley has not been on your radar before, now might be the time to change that as they definitely offer a wide variety of quality pieces for the golf/casual wardrobe.

For more information on the items discussed here, along with additional offerings from Sport Haley, please visit their website

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