Stiletto Green Tool Review

Walk into any golf store and there are literally rows and rows of golf accessories. Some good, some bad, and some useless. We review our share of them and while not all of them are good, we occasionally find one that seems to stand out a little bit. That is what we found with the Stiletto Green Tool. This handy little device is definitely not something you really need, but it is going to be something you want.

We, here at THP, have been on a little bit of a rant recently about people not fixing their pitch marks on the green. For the love of the game, it takes 5 seconds to fix your mark and keep good courses looking good and will make bad courses look a little better. With that said, green repair tools are a dime a dozen now and many courses give them out to ask people to continue to keep their greens in good shape.

When we first learned about the Stiletto Green Tool it was by a reader that thought emailed us asking if we had heard of them. We had not and immediately got in touch with the makers of this cool device. Here is what the company has to say about their product.

The Stiletto Green Tool is made of composite ABS PLASTIC material WITH A CHROME FINISH FOR THE FORKS.this tool is A QUALITY PRODUCT with a great price. To operate the tool you simply push a button and the tool’s FORK will EJECT out OF THE fix your divot,push the button again and the FORK RETRACTS back into the handle. It also has a ball marker attached to the handle and held by a magnet. It also has a cigar holder on the butt end. You simply take the opened tool and push it into the ground .then you can lean the cigar against the tool to keep it from getting chemicals and pesticide on the tip of the cigar. Also you can use it as a club holder.

After waiting for their production to become official, a couple of units arrived at our offices (as pictured above). I have to admit it, I am slightly childish, so the thought of a toy switchblade really had me salivating as I opened the box. Two seconds later (and for the next hour) I was opening and closing this thing pretending I was a kid again with a toy. Press the button up and the “blade” (divot tool) comes up, press it down and it retracts.

We gave them out to a few guys to take out on the course and wait for their feedback. After the round while cooling off in the restaurant we got all their thoughts on the Stiletto Green Tool.

1. Great idea and works flawlessly.
2. Ball mark magnet is pretty strong and never had any issues with it.
3. It keeps club grips from getting wet perfectly and again no issues.
4. The plastic casing felt a little cheap and they would love one a little sturdier.
5. Nice strong blade to really get into the grass with ease. However, some ladies felt it was too hard to
6. The belt clip needs to be a little more substantial to work on some of the thicker belts.

Great feedback from our testers and now it was my turn to take it out on the course for a few rounds. Throughout my 5 rounds with this gadget, I found myself playing with it quite a bit. It works just as described and is fun to use. I agree with the THP testers 100% on the few things they would have liked to see improved on the device. If this was made with a more substantial material it would be on our “MUST BUY” list. I also had a few issues with the clip. I think something that is a little wider would make it easier to take off and put on. But those were our only issues. I found myself repairing tons of pitch marks that were not mine just to use my “weapon”.

Overall we think that this is a fun tool that is exactly what we thought it would be. It is not something you need, but it is something that you may want. It works perfectly and the extra thickness really did not bother me like I thought it would. (and this coming from someone that likes NOTHING in their pockets while they play) We would like to see the belt clip a little bit tweaked but other than that, it is a great little device. This is a brand new company that we hope to see around for quite some time. The MSRP for these cool gadgets is $14.95. For more information on this device check out their site (some sections under construction, so be patient) at Stiletto Green Tool.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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