TaylorMade RBZ Explained

While at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, THP got a chance to speak with TaylorMade Golf about their newly released RocketBallz line and what makes it stand out.

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  • Pretty cool to hear how the name really came about from the source. I have been one to think that perhaps some clubs being too long and causing gapping issues, especially in the fairway woods and hybrids but a good point was made about being able to get the loft that you actually need to help your game. Another informative video from THP with great coverage of the 2012 PGA show.

  • Great interview JB. It’s cool to finally hear where the Club name came from. Being too long what a problem to have to deal with. TaylorMade has come up with a winner with the RBZ line.

  • Great interview JB. I love hearing about clubs in this manner. I just get so much information. Thanks again for the awesome coverage!

  • I found it interesting that the gentleman in the interview said that the RBZ fwy was designed to help guys get the ball up in the air, yet an overwhelming amount of feedback on the forum is that it’s hard to get up in the air. Very informative interview.

  • Very thorough and informative interview. Even though the name still just irks me a bit (why not call it the “AfterBurner”?) This is a club I need to hit – both FW and Hybrid.

  • Very informative interview. Good info about the distance increase and being able to choose a loft that fits your game.

  • Another fun and informative interview JB…The few people I know who have tried these clubs seem to like them. I may need to look into them a bit more myself.


  • Great interview JB! Believe it or not but that video has really piqued my curiosity on a club that I had written off because of the goofy name.

  • Interesting comments about not being anywhere near the ax core speeds until now with fw’s. If this technology created this and drivers where already there, then why are the drivers not past the limits? Just curious here, but will say I’m more than ever excited to give these a swing. Great video.

  • Nice interview on what seems like a a game changer in equipment. I agree with the comment that the fairway woods are harder to get in the air. I tried them out on a launch moniter and didn’t hit the 3-wood so-so. The high-launch 4-wood, which is really a 3-wood with weaker loft, was much easier to hit, my brother, a 10 handicap, had several hits in the mid 230s. The comment about people having trouble getting them in the air was echoed in the recently published Golf Digest (2012) equipment review which is available on their site now for free. The REALLY shocking thing about the Digest reviews was that these fairway woods only a 4/5 for performance, the Callaway Razr X black nad the G2 fairway woods each got 5/5 – i’ll bet the executives at TM golf were thrilled when they say this

  • Echoing what Frank said – I’m most interesting in that HL 4w. Very very interesting.

  • I always enjoy learning new information about new technology. Thank you THP and JB for the good work!

  • Easier to get off the ground and too long for tour players, I missed that the first time I heard this interview. I am looking forward to putting mine in play.

  • Picked up the RBZ driver and 2 wood. Have the driver setup to 9 degrees. Getting some extra yards, lower ball flight (Which I was looking for) but the best part is that I am more accurate with it than I was with the Super Fast 2.0 10 degree.

    The 3 wood is the bomb! Accurate, a little more yardage that the SF 3 wood. Big thing for me with both clubs is that they are more accurate. Easier to shape shots. The 3 W is great off the deck. Have no problem getting it in the air. Hit the SF 3 W 220 – 230. A few days ago I hit a 245 yard baby draw onto a green. (Measured with my GPS)

  • Meant to say I picked up the 3 Wood

  • Used 3 off the tee and 5 off the deck…extra yards and easy to get off the deck…was very impressed with ability to “move” the ball using rescue club…overall the design prompted positive outcomes…

  • Fitting for new irons at shop and the RBZ’s are much longer than my irons. Standard steel shafts come a little longer and stronger so understandable why the large increase. Hit very consistent pattern with nice balance for me. Played round afterwards with my clubs and had to use at least one club up to get same carry. Wind factor though. Re hit next day. RBZ for me now!

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