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While at the 2012 PGA Show, THP got a chance to speak with KBS Shafts about the importance of shaft fitting.

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  1. Jersey Nate says:

    Great video – and what an interesting personality! Some great points here.

  2. Freddie kong says:

    I have not been fit for the KBS but I have tours and 90s and really enjoy them both. I am curious what is the better fit. Good info in that video….

  3. Cookie says:

    JB – I think you threw Kim for a loop with that question! I enjoy listening to him talk about their shafts and the different characteristics. There has been so much discussion about KBS on the forum and the overwhelming feedback is “superb feel”. After things slow down later this year, I will make it a point to go get a fitting for some KBS shafts and give them a go. I must try these!

  4. DawgDaddy says:

    I liked his statement that fitters should not be aligned with a product, they should let the shaft speak for itself. Very nice interview.

  5. FrankA says:

    I really liked the 90s in my previous irons. Would definitely go back with my next set of irons.

  6. Howzat says:

    More great info. He shows a ton of confidence in his product.

  7. MSB256 says:

    Nice interview! I like that he seems pretty passionate about the KBS products.

  8. JeffReedMO says:

    Love listening to Kim talk about his product.

  9. Puttin4Bird says:

    Very great points in this video. I had never done one in my life but have since been fit and tried the KBS Tour shaft. Great shaft!

  10. Jman215 says:

    Fantastic stuff! I love listening to Kim talk about his product, passionate is an understatement but the knowledge is just out of this world!

  11. 10YardDraw says:

    Fantastic interview! I love my KBS 90’s in my R11 irons, feel great and perform even better.

  12. Yoccos says:

    Such a wealth of information. Great info JB.

  13. Ejmick says:

    Once upon a time I actually doubted there could be much difference between steel iron shafts—ha! The KBS Tour shaft is amazing…not enough superlatives to describe.

  14. big bear says:

    Big fan of the KBS shafts. Love the feel. interview was a little shacky though.

  15. Radler says:

    Where can you get fitted for KBS?

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