Tehama Men’s Apparel Review

The Hackers Paradise reviews a lot of golf apparel over a calendar year and during that time we got email requests and forum requests quite a bit for a brand called Tehama, which means Abundance of Nature. Over the last decade, few apparel companies have grown the way Tehama has, and what started as a small lifestyle brand, is now featured in pro shops and high end stores across the country. The premier line of men’s and women’s sportswear was founded by Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood and fashion industry veteran Nancy Haley in August of 1997 and since that time has become a household name in the golf apparel and lifestyle world. THP got the opportunity to review some of their line and wanted to share it with our readers as well as give a little background on the company.

The Company
Who can count Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood as their business partner? Nancy Haley can. Haley and Eastwood started sportswear brand, Tehama, one of the fastest growing sportswear companies in the nation. It was 1996 when Eastwood and Haley met while sharing wine with mutual friends at Eastwood’s Mission Ranch in Carmel, California. Eastwood, having worn some of Haley’s designs, asked her if she would consider starting a sportswear line with him. Haley, recently retired from Sport-Haley, accepted and came out of retirement!

Eastwood and Haley launched the Tehama sportswear line for men and women at the 1997 PGA show in Las Vegas. It was a huge victory. Tehama reported more than $7.5 million in sales in the first year and the brand continues to grow at an impressive double-digit rate year after year. The Tehama line has been named to The Robb Report’s “Best of the Best Apparel Brands” top five list, two years in a row and in early 2004, the company inked licensing agreements with the IZOD CLUB brand and the Arnold Palmer brand. As if that’s not enough, Haley was honored with Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in June 2003. Haley’s love of golf began when she started playing in the 80’s. She was constantly amazed at the limited selection of fashionable options for women. Haley decided to enter the sportswear industry and create lifestyle apparel that could be worn from work to play.

First Impressions
Tehama was kind enough to send over 3 outfits for us to profile for our readers and give them a taste of what we thought of the line from our unique THP perspective. When we opened the box and took a look at the apparel sent a few things came to mind immediately. First, there really is something for everybody in the designs that they choose, large amount of color choices, and simple yet sophisticated patterns spring forward. Second, once you feel the materials chosen, you realize that this is not “simple” apparel at all and that Tehama has crafted something quite special in their goods.

Outfit #1
The first outfit is from the Tehama Hang Em Dry line and features a pair of shorts that are 96% polyester and 4% spandex and a shirt that is 100% polyester. The colors chosen are perfect for a fall line, but work with just about any season. dark blue, light green, and white, with a touch of yellow in the plaid shorts. The shorts are definitely all about “tech” and moisture wicking as they feel almost bathing suit like on the outside. Once you slip them on you realize that Tehama hit the nail on the head with cut and comfort. They are not Euro-Cut (tight or slim) and they are not oversized. They fall right in the middle and do so perfectly. Another memorable aspect is water just beads off of them like a freshly waxed car. The shirt is predominantly white with dark blue sleeves and then a slightly lighter shade of blue down the sides. Along both the front and back shoulders is a nice green color that really pulls the entire outfit together. The green is almost mesh like and allows a nice breeze to pass through and keep you cool. Both pieces run completely true to size, so if you are used to wearing a 34 waist and a large shirt, you can feel confident that these will fit very well.

Outfit #2
The second outfit is also from the Hang Em Dry line for the shirt and the shorts are from the Tehama Green line. The Green garments are made of fabrics containing bamboo, coconut, recycled polyester, vitamin C and organic cotton. The black shorts feel extremely light weight and comfortable and feel similar to that of the plaid shorts above, however they are less “swim suit” like on the exterior . The fit is very similar to that of the plaid shorts above in that the cut is absolutely perfect. The shirt for this outfit is also from the Hang Em Dry line and is a mustard like yellow color with a black stitch pattern. One look at this shirt and the word “classy” comes to mind. It feels like the softest of cottons and at the same time is completely moisture wicking and made out of 100% polyester. Once again with this entire outfit, both pieces run completely true to size.

Outfit #3
The third and last outfit is from the Tehama Luxury Performance line of apparel and is simply one of the finest looking we have come across here at THP. The shirt is a blend of 66% cotton and 34% polyester for some moisture management without giving up the cotton benefits that many love. The shirt is a dark red with black, brown, and a few other colors done in cross sections that really make the red pop on this shirt. It is one of the softest feeling golf shirts we have ever tried on that contains “tech” materials and more compliments were received wearing this shirt than any other golf shirt we have reviewed in the history of THP. That is a BOLD STATEMENT! The pants are a polyester and rayon blend that are extremely lightweight and comfortable. They have a suit type of look to them but definitely bend and give in all the right places to not hold you up during your swing. The outfit together works flawlessly, but what was great about this outfit is how each piece separately go with so many other items.

Tehama shows off absolute brilliant creativity and design with their new line and there truly is something for everybody which is a mark of an amazing lifestyle brand. Tehama is available at pro shops, golf stores, and higher end retail stores across the country. If your shop does not carry the line, you may want to ask them about it. Prices range depending on the area and product line, as we have seen some sale prices as low as $35 and some luxury performance shirts as high as $99. When you combine this kind of luxury apparel with great cut, perfect sizing, and solid pricing, you have a truly great line on your hands. For more information on these or any other items that Tehama offers, check out their website at www.tehamainc.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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