The XXIO Brand Preview

While those in the Japanese market are well aware of this equipment company, the THP readers in North America might just be learning about it. XXIO (pronounced Zexio) is a manufacturer specializing in premium equipment and THP TV caught up with Adam Sheldon to learn a little more about the line.

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  • Lots of buzz words in there from Adam. Sounds excited about what is coming down the pipeline. It will be interesting to see how the brand fares in the US as it is obviously a totally different type consumer here.

  • Never heard of the brand before, but interested in learning more.

  • Sounds like a solid company and great equipment. If it’s good enough to be the #1 brand overseas , I dont see how they can’t be successful here. I think i’m gonna order some of the balls for sure .

  • Sounds nice…and expensive. Curious to hear if the tech/materials that go into this line makes it clearly better from a performance perspective against other major OEM’s.

  • I’ve only heard a little about XXIO in the past, but I like seeing what these ultra high tech brands are doing – gives us a picture of what we might see in the other lines down the road. I didn’t realize they made golf balls either. This was a great watch.

  • at the very least, I know how to pronounce the name now!

  • I hadn’t heard of them until seeing them referenced here on THP a few months ago, and I’ve since seen their name on TV on pro bags & clothes, LPGA I think? Looking forward to learning more about them and what they can do for my game.

  • Very very excited about this. I think it will be a higher pricepoint but if it’s that good it’s definitely work checking out. #1 in the Japanese market for a while is definitely a good buzz to have.

  • $$$$$ but if it performs it will find buyers.

  • My first knowledge of this XXIO , sounds interesting and curious to maybe try what they offer.

  • threw out enough info to peak interest

  • Highest quality coming from the Japanese market. Can’t wait to hit some of this equipment.

  • Now I know how to pronounce the name. I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of this stuff to try out.

  • Just a hunch but I don’t think XXIO is going to do well here in this market.

  • That’s the legendary equipment (Best) in the golf game golfstar. Very expensive app but really realistic in terms of layouts and shots.

  • Loved this , already to try the product.I have Srixon i506 clubs and love them. Would like a go at the drivers..

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