THP Tour Van – Prizes & Schedule

Over the last couple of weeks, THP has unveiled their latest edition in innovation and that is the THP Tour Van. If you missed the inside look at this very special motorhome, here is a tour of the exterior and here is a sneak peek at the interior.

One of the things we wanted to do with the Tour Van is be able to not only bring you unique coverage from across the country, but also connect with our readers and forum members with a different approach. One way to keep up with us out on the road (alongside here of course) is to follow along on and on the side there is a schedule of where we will be going and a map of where we are currently.

The calendar shown above lists in red the areas we will be visiting and when we will be there. All you have to do is see when we are in your area, and if it works with your schedule, come out and see us when we announce what courses we will be at or where we are at the time. You can get exact locations via twitter at @hackersparadise or @homehappens or via private message on the THP forum.

Of course these are official visits and/or stops. You never know where and when we might turn up otherwise of course.

Did we say prizes? Of course we did. Here is the deal, if you see the THP Tour Van on the road in motion, and snap a picture of it and post it on the forum, Facebook or twitter and THP will send you out a prize. One more thing, you never know when the THP Tour Van will be full of prizes as well, so we might have handouts for those that come on out and visit.

Follow along, come out and see us and most importantly, enjoy this journey with us as we try a bold, unique and new approach to golf media.

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