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This past week at the Cobra Puma What’s Your Fly event, THP had a chance to sit down with PGA Tour superstar Jonas Blixt. A player that many had not known about prior to the last couple of years, Blixt now has multiple wins and appears headed for greatness.

In this THP TV interview
Life after winning
Celebrity in his home country
How do his clubs and style fit him
Who will win between FSU and Clemson
And so much more

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  1. Knightlightpro says:

    Great Interview. Jonas seems pretty laid back and not really too affected by his growing popularity.

  2. IceyShanks says:

    So cool to have this kind of coverage and access, big thanks to THP for bringing it to us. Jonas sounds like a great guy and someone to root for!

  3. ddec says:

    Just seems like a very nice, soft spoken guy. Interesting to hear him talk about maybe a little more hype and stuff of that nature. But you can tell he is down to earth.

  4. Canadan says:

    Loved it!!! Jonas seems incredibly down to earth.

  5. Afwcardinal says:

    Jonas is pretty cool and relaxed. I think it was due to Freddie ‘s easy going style with the interview. Love seeing this. Great job by all.

  6. Nate says:

    Love those Swedish guys! Great people and great to talk with. Nice job THP and Freddie!

  7. Jersey Nate says:

    What a chill guy Blixt is. Awesome job of THP and Freddie to bring this to us! Thank you!

  8. #Cookie says:

    Great job on the interview Freddie, I really like the laid-back aspect and the back-and-forth that you guys had their some.

    Jonah seems like a pretty relaxed guy that hasn’t taken the wins for granted and is definitely still putting in the work for future success, and I definitely think he’s going to have some with Cobra continuing to pump out some great gear.

  9. GolfinFF says:

    Jonas is so laid back and doesn’t seem to be one who cares about the “hype”

  10. cpljohnst says:

    Blixt seems like a great guy. Nice interview!

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