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In our first ever episode of THP TV we have our resident teaching pro giving a tip on your short game. We hope you enjoy the segment and let us know of course what else you would like to see. We have tons of great segments coming including equipment reviews and tips and tricks to help out all of our faithful THP readers.

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  1. Dent says:

    I love it! Great stuff guys, I look foreward to more of this in the future. Great tip too!

  2. DDBowdoin says:

    Nice job THP! Looking forward to future episodes!

  3. TinCupTampa says:

    Great job THP and AM

  4. Lange says:

    Wow good tips, can’t wait to see what other tips are in store!

  5. Farmergolf says:

    That was great, very imformative, can`t wait for more. Thanks

  6. Smallville says:

    These tips are so much more understandable with video. Reading about it, your definition of back in the stance or hands forward are open to interpretation. With video there’s no doubt what the instructor means. Great job.

  7. Tim says:

    Sweet, watching is so much better. I will never read again.

  8. THE ECHO says:

    I like the hat and matching belt.

  9. WSE says:

    Excellent work! Applause well deserved. The tip was also very well delivered — for me, being able to see it while you’re describing it makes it much more readily absorbed. a couple constructive comments on video: obviously there was some noise pollution, but it’s not that bad. AM has a clear speaking voice, and a great raport with the camera. In fact, you may want to script the session a bit so cameraman will know when to get the face when he’s talking directly to the listener and not about a particular movement of the club (like at the end). Also would have been fun to follow that chip so we can see him cozy it up to the practice flag (I’m sure he did, right!). Might need a rotating tripod to do that smoothly, however.

    Other topics: I’d love to see his sure-thing, no-sweat, straight-line driver swing tutorial. Also might be fun to venture into the world of shot shaping a bit: cuts, fades, and draws, trajectory, and so forth.

    Anyway, I’m very impressed and expect a great reaction to these as they continue to come out.

  10. JB says:

    Thanks for the toughts. A couple of answers for you. Where we film, getting no noise is virtually impossible. But we do have some wind filters in place and it atleast gets rid of most of the wind. As for the tripod, we are on a swiveling tripod, however the area we filmed at today he was chipping onto an area and not even aiming at a flag. But we will do some stuff like that very soon. Especially with putting drills. Glad you liked the tip.

  11. Jim Burke says:

    Great stuff. Basic setup positions are demonstrated and explained very well. Looking forward to some high level shot making tips such as lob shots, adding or reducing spin around the green, etc….

  12. bogeyme says:

    Great tip. This might just help with my chipping and short game. Hopefully it will help get rid of my thins and fats. Thanks again THP.

  13. cg13 says:

    just watched this – great tips! cant wait for spring!

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