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Having a measurement of distance beyond the course standard 150 marker can be incredibly valuable for golfers who are seeking pinpoint accuracy.  While some GPS watches provide the useful front/middle/back distances that improve location knowledge, the TomTom Golfer GPS takes a massive step beyond in this sleek, attractive package offering a plethora of course detail.


From TomTom

The TomTom Golfer utilizes GPS, course information and full-screen graphics to show you accurate hazard and green distances (to front, center and back of green).

The TomTom Golfer helps golfers plan their game and quickly make informed decisions on their next shot by introducing full-screen graphical visualizations and wireless access to critical course data.

The TomTom Golfer comes preloaded with information on more than 34,000 courses that can be updated wirelessly through a smartphone.

Know Every Inch of the Course

– Green Distances: Precise Yardage to front, center, and back of green

– Hazards: See distances to individual hazards along the fairway

Hit the Perfect Approach Shot

– Greenview: view unique green and hazard graphics before your shot

– Lay-up: See remaining distances to lay-up points

Designed for Golfers

Round Tracking: Keep track of the score, distance and time of your round

– Weather and Waterproof: Play in all weather

First Impressions

On the surface, there was a lot of excitement to dive into; not only the features of the TomTom Golfer GPS, but also the sleek design.  Because a fair amount of the face curls around the band, they were able to reduce the overall size of the watch face, making it more reasonable for not only the golf course, but to wear in a casual setting as well. 


The band is not all that rigid and allows a more form-fitting feel around the wrist, which was yet another welcome surprise upon first try.  In addition to a quality strap system, rather than dealing with the nuisance of a hoop based system for the tail end of the strap, it links into the opposite side based on three small hooks.  This makes perfect sense to avoid getting the strap snagged on various things while golfing, and it worked extremely well.


Charging the unit was simple, thanks to the provided chord and miniature charging dock-style connection.  This can be accomplished by connecting to a USB power source and takes a reasonable amount of time to generate a full charge again.  Once completely charged, the watch will be expected to manage around nine to ten hours of constant GPS usage, based on testing.  That translates well into one full round of golf with relative ease getting through a second nine holes.


While they moved a decent amount of the face depth into the band, they did so in order to incorporate an impressive button based control system.  Each of the four edges helps golfers navigate the TomTom Golfer GPS watch, and makes it notably easier than dealing with small buttons on the corners of the watch face.


What impressed so much about the TomTom Golfer GPS beyond the useful on-course information was the likelihood of wearing it in a non-golf setting.  Because the band provides a quality fit, and the depth of the face is comparable to many standard watches, testing the usage and wearing of the TomTom Golfer GPS away from the course was quite enjoyable.  For the most part, the watch became a natural feeling on the arm.  Being a reasonable weight of only 53 grams also helps.

Finding the Golf Course

Like many GPS watches, the TomTom Golfer GPS requires a satellite signal in order to find the course being played.  Activating a course for a round with GPS is as simple as clicking to the right on the button control and awaiting the course to display.  A second click to the right activates the GPS, and likely moves the golfer onto the hole they are most near.  If incorrect, or in testing’s case forced to go in during a rain delay, the holes can be navigated easily by using the button to get back to the correct hole.  The overall time for the unit to find a course was on par with expectations, and it did not struggle to find courses assuming a reasonable scenario was presented (not inside away from direct satellite reception).


On Course GPS

With the selection made, the course data is presented with a front, middle, and back of green distance measurements, with battery life, satellite strength, and potential dogleg features displayed.  This is a very basic yet necessary feature of a GPS watch, and the TomTom visuals are clear and easy to see in the sunlight, leaving little doubt on shot selection.


Hazard View

One of the great features of the TomTom Golfer GPS is the ability to confirm distances to hazards along each hole.  When presented with a tee shot with bunkers or water lining the fairway, this offering provides golfers with a clear indication of how much club they can take without having to eyeball the distances.  If there was a complaint to be had during testing, it was simply an overload of information being shared by the TomTom, which can be seen below.  This is hardly a negative, as it is clearly shown that golfers are being empowered by knowledge.


Green View

Possibly the most exciting element of the TomTom Golfer GPS is the green view feature.  Not only does the unit change the design of the green depending on which hole of any given golf course is being played, it shows the fairway and water hazards surrounding the green.  While most greenside hazards are visible, this leaves little question about the distances being provided and the type of green depth that can be expected on the shot.


While this feature is outstanding and changes depending on which angle the golfer has to the green, it typically was utilized as more of a guideline for the hole, offering clarity before making a club selection when switching back to the yardage screen.  What may improve this feature tremendously would be the inclusion of a point based distance measurement, keeping golfers on that feature rather than returning to the standard front/middle/back information to select their clubs.

Round Tracking

The TomTom Golfer GPS provides a separate screen for the scorecard feature, which is very easy to navigate and change.  As golfers change the total number of strokes for each hole, round totals change to reflect these numbers.  Like many of the features on this particular unit, the one-button control makes it incredibly easy to adjust and navigate.


Additional Offerings

For golfers who are highly connected to their rounds and their devices, TomTom offers the ease of both SmartPhone and computer connections to the Golfer GPS for course updates as well as other essential software updates (via MySports Connect).  A simple pairing of the watch via Bluetooth will make this process seamless and easy.

Overall Impressions

For a GPS watch, the TomTom Golfer hits incredibly well on most regularly sought-after elements of data while golfing.  It is not going to offer the pinpoint accuracy of a rangefinder to the pin, however TomTom has found an excellent solution by empowering golfers with knowledge utilizing the greenview screen, dictating a true front/middle/back understanding of each hole. 

The size and weight are both exceptional, wearing extremely well with little irritation even on the glove hand.  The ease of navigation and size reduction of the face heavily outweigh the potential to unintentionally click a button on the control, however this was a far more common occurrence off the course rather than on.  Testing confirmed that while most GPS watches are quick to come off post play, the TomTom Golfer GPS could be worn all day without a second thought.


While the unit offers an incredibly robust amount of data to the eyes of a golfer, one surprising detail left off the TomTom Golfer GPS was a distance tracker.  As golfers often enjoy tracking the distance of their shots, testing could not find the ability to do so.  An interesting omission to an otherwise incredibly robust device, and one that was missed during testing. 

Parting Thoughts

For golfers pursuing a sleek, low maintenance GPS watch solution for their game, this reviewer would strongly encourage the pursuit of a TomTom Golfer GPS watch.  It boasts an incredible amount of information in a device that can be comfortably and fashionably worn on and off the golf course.  The MSRP of this unit is 249.99, and more information can be found at

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