Tour Edge Exotics E723 Driver Review

Boasting massive MOI and enhanced flight tuning capability, Tour Edges Exotics’s E723 driver is the driver for the rest of us. While golf manufacturers often get the most attention for their low-spin, better players’ drivers, the reality is that most golfers see better overall performance with more forgiving, higher launching options. In fact, on a recent episode of THP Live, Tour Edge shared that they typically sell three E series drivers for every C series driver. 

E723 Driver Sole

Tour Edge claims the 723 line is the largest technological departure they’ve had from one generation to the next, and THP writer James Miles provided a great amount of detail on that in a recent article. While they’ve carried over many popular design features like Diamond Face and a refined Ridgeback, 723 is focused on adjustability, with both an adjustable hosel for loft and lie adjustments and the Flight Tuning System sliding weight for changes in horizontal dispersion. Tour Edge notes that the flight tuning system provides 10 yards of directional change on both sides of center, leading to a substantial number of fitting options. 

Sliding weight of the E723 driver


One aspect of club design that Tour Edge seems particularly adept at is displaying technology in a way that it becomes part of the design itself. While there will aways be ‘less is more’ advocates, this approach tends to be popular, especially in the game-improvement segment. 

The new crown of the E723 driver

The crown of the E723 is the perfect example of using technology both internally and visually. Ridgeback is displayed prominently, bisecting the two carbon fiber panels to double as an alignment aid. Considering its target audience often struggles with dispersion in general, this is a design choice that inspires confidence at address. The gloss finish on the carbon panels is extremely well done, imparting a 3D quality on the weave that is all but impossible to capture in photographs. The head is stretched out a bit from front to back, but not to any extreme that makes it appear unusual compared to drivers in the same class. 

The sole is anything but plain with the prominently displayed Flight Tuning System’s sliding weight track taking up a substantial amount of space at the rear. While feedback from our forums regarding the look of the sole has been mixed, we think the color scheme is classic and all the various parts are cohesively pulled together by the titanium strip that extends forward from the leading edge and back to the weight track.

Tour Edge Exotics customization

In their technical presentation to us, Tour Edge noted that the redesigned Ridgeback has a significant effect on how the E723 driver sounds and feels. It imparts a great deal of rigidity into the design, and that produces a stronger feel and a crisper, brighter sound at impact. Testing certainly backed this up, as the E723 seems to be almost opposite what many consider a standard “carbon” feel. Impacts were exceptionally powerful feeling, with the ball seeming to rocket off a solid, immovable surface. The sound will be somewhat polarizing. Those that prefer the modern, muted sound of a carbon driver will likely be taken by surprise at the unapologetically metallic sound of the E723. While not approaching the decibel level of some of the more notorious “loud” drivers of the past, it is a sound that will be remembered from the first swing. As you might expect, feedback on the feel varied. Some found it too metallic for their tastes, but there were users that absolutely loved it. One thing can be said for sure – you will feel like you hit the ball hard with the E723.


While it boasts a 20g weight at the very rear of the sole, we found the E723 offered a flat, penetrating trajectory in its stock 9-degree setting. While fitting is a factor here, it was lower than optimal and required a quick hosel adjustment. The additional 2-degrees of loft helped quite a bit with raising the trajectory to more acceptable levels, though the ball flight still retained its piercing nature. Compared head-to-head with two recent game improvement drivers, the E723 in its stock configuration seemed to carry a bit less with almost identical total distance. 

Almost as important, the loft adjustment managed to improve launch conditions without negatively affecting visual confidence at address. Those players that regularly miss left will understand the fear that a closed face presents. Whether it was because of Ridgeback or just the head shape in general, the face didn’t seem overly closed in higher lofted settings. 

Regardless of the face orientation, this is a draw-biased driver, and we did see a tendency for the ball to gravitate left of center. This was particularly helpful for players that typically experience a pushed miss, as they had an easier time getting the face square at impact. For those looking to avoid the left-miss, the Flight Tuning System did work well at mitigating the draw bias. While it’s not a cure-all for every directional issue plaguing the average golfer, it’s a simple adjustment that does help.

Diamond Face of the E723 Driver

The Diamond Face and Ridgeback technologies managed to provide exceptional forgiveness, both directionally and in terms of distance. The difference in results between center and off-center strikes was almost imperceptible to the eye on the golf course. Toe strikes did appear to impart less spin and a slight turn towards the left, but this was often a benefit since it kept the ball in the fairway. Tour Edge is extremely proud to share that the E723 possesses an MOI of 5600 g/cm2. While that number may go over most readers’ heads, the simplest explanation is that it signifies the very upper limits of stability and forgiveness in a driver head. This was most evident in the fact that the head rarely wanted to twist open or closed on off center strikes. In short, if you’re missing the middle of the face often, it would be well worth your time to take some swings with the E723. 


  • Heads available in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees of loft.
  • Stocks shafts – Fujikura Air Speeder 35/40 and Mistubishi Tensei AV Blue 65
  • Lamkin Crossline 360 grip
  • Custom options available
  • $499.99

For more information on the Tour Edge Exotics E723 Driver, check out their website at

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