Tour Edge Exotics E8 Hybrid Review

As the name suggests a quality mix between two distinct designs, the hope for a hybrid to be as easy to hit as wood with the versatility of an iron leaves many searching.  For the Exotics E8 hybrid from Tour Edge, the technology is obvious.  With a rebuilt power grid, forged cup face, and a sole weight to drop the CG and spin, golfers should expect to experience a combination of forgiveness, distance, and overall performance.


From Tour Edge

The E8 hybrid is our most technologically-advanced series and it is our first adjustable hybrid. Featuring a 450 stainless hyper steel body plasma welded to a forged cup face, this hybrid delivers exceptional power.

Reengineering the Power Grid and making it smaller allows for more flexing at impact, increased spring effect, and more distance. Deep cut away steps positioned back in the heel and toe of the sole makes shaping shots off the tee and the turf extremely easy. The steps increase MOI and maximize stability on off-center contact while minimizing turf drag. The result is more control and power at impact.

The E8 incorporates trajectory control courtesy of an adjustable sole weight. The club comes standard at 9 grams, 3 grams heavier than the driver making dramatic effects on the center of gravity, and trajectory control. The E8 hybrid utilizes the same optional weight kit as fairway wood that includes 6-gram, 11-gram, and 14-gram weights.

The E8 hybrid is powered with UST Mamiya Recoil graphite shafts – Recoil technology positions over 19 different layers within the shaft to deliver great feel in lightweight options.

  • Center of gravity is positioned lower and closer to the face for faster ball speed with less spin
  • Forged cup face delivers stunning power
  • Heel and toe sole relief increases stability and reduces turf drag
  • Powered by UST Mamiya Recoil graphite shafts


First Impressions

In a world full of narrow and deep hybrid profiles, the Tour Edge Exotics E8 hybrid stands unique to itself.  A somewhat shallow face profile is complimented by a sharp turn at the toe, creating an aggressive shape that gives the impression of face stability at address.  Aiding the golfer is an Exotics “E” that draws the eyes away from the darker matte crown finish and does a nice job of framing the ball to the best setup position.


Having a centralized weight on the sole of the E8 makes the intentions of lower/centralized CG quite visible.  While Tour Edge boasts lower spin and higher ball speeds, they have paired the E8 Hybrid with the Recoil 670 shaft, weighing in at 78 grams promoting mid/high launch conditions.  This combination at 17 degrees of loft produces expectations of a high launching hybrid that lands soft for precision both on the deck and off the tee.

Turf Interaction

While distance based results of the Tour Edge Exotics E8 hybrid were best generated with fairly clean contact, the relief provided by the sole of the club produced better-than-expected results on numerous strikes where the attack angle was too aggressive, forcing the club to bounce off the turf.  Due to the relatively flat sole of the head, very little twisting occurred on ground contact, keeping the face path consistent through the swing.


While the “power grid” took on some grass when the club was driven into the ground, it was never a nuisance to clean, wiping away rather quickly.  As there are a variety of different hybrids utilizing a slot that can trap grass, it was enjoyable to have an easy clean after use.


The sound of the Exotics E8 Hybrid is a fantastic balance between a wood and an iron.  While the sound is sharper and livelier than a typical iron, it does not take on the hollow bodied sound that some woods produce.    During testing, it did not seem like the sound changed a great deal while the ball made contact on various parts of the face, with the exception of extremely low on the face.  During that contact, the sound is notably dull and provides ample feedback to the golfer.  By audible volume, it is very much on the mid spectrum of hybrids on the market today.  The sound of the E8 is not likely to turn heads in a negative way, however it offers a sound that relates to well struck contact instead of being overly muted.


Flight and Forgiveness

During the early stages of testing, a consistent trend was that of a slightly in-to-out swing with a neutral face to the swing path, which generated straight flight from the E8.  This occurred even when the ball contact was on the heel side of center on the face.  As testing progressed, contact improved yet continued to produce surprisingly straight shot shaping, despite some scenarios leading expectations for a fade or draw. 

Regardless of these results, the advertising of the E8 suggests an ease of working the ball, and there is accuracy in that performance feature.  Changing the face and path during testing allowed changes in flight to incorporate draws and fades, as well as slices and hooks at each extreme.  Numerous testing samples on course where a fade was priority allowed the E8 to perform as advertised, losing only marginal distance from expected totals.


Shaft Pairing

The stock shaft in the Tour Edge Exotics E8 hybrid is the Recoil (450, 460, 670, and 680 depending on flex) and incorporates a mid-high ‘stock’ flight path.  Categorized as an iron shaft by UST Mamiya, the Recoil brings feel back into shaft by positioning over 19 different layers throughout the shaft for maximum feel and faster club speed.   During the E8 testing, the Recoil felt exceptionally stable for golfers with a range of different swing speeds, introducing good load into the contact zone, and ample ball flight for maximum carry.


The testing results returned a consistent mid to high launch with the pairing, which seems to match the intended profile.  With that in mind, flighting the ball down was managed reasonably well.  In each swing, the Recoil maintained stability and felt smooth through transition into the ball.  Really getting after the ball amplified the launch angle and spin rates marginally, which was to be expected.

Stock Grip

The grip that comes stock on the Tour Edge Exotics E8 Hybrid is a Tour Edge branded Lamkin REL, which is a quality grip.  Despite being nearly unmarked, there are small white markings along the bottom of the grip that can help golfers properly align if needed.  Opting for a red cap ties in very well with the overall club design.  For the most part, the performance of the REL will be acceptable with the exception in playing in overly humid areas.


Final Thoughts

Tour Edge has provided a great looking hybrid in the E8 considering the sharp lines and matte finish that make up the entire package.  This is offered with a sound that bridges the gap between hybrid and wood extremely well, and they have considered many of the distance based elements that golfers are looking for in today’s game.  The final result is a well-rounded hybrid that can be both forgiving and workable in the hands of many golfers.  For more information on the Exotics E8 hybrid, visit

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