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It has been almost a year now since I reviewed an sunglass company called Live Eyewear. From the minute I got the glasses I was impressed. I tested out the Quattro line from Live Eyewear. I loved the style but most importantly I loved how functional they were.
In my initial review I felt that these sunglasses gave me all the sun protection I needed during a round of golf in the hot Florida sun. They stayed on my face even when looking down to putt and allowed for clear vision the entire round. I have found in the past that some sunglasses will almost make you feel dizzy when playing and they distract me from the game, but I never once had the problem with the Live Eyewear glasses. Well as I mentioned it has been almost a year and I can happily say I still love these sunglasses. They have been banged around in my bag, dropped on the floor too many times to count, and I even sat on them once but they are still going strong.

What’s really great about this brand are all the options. They make sunglasses that go right over prescription glasses and protective eyewear for any kind of construction job. Live Eyewear has a type of eyewear for just about everyone. The glasses Quattro’s that I have retail for as little as $49.95, and after all the wear and tear I put them through, they are worth every penny. You can read all about this great brand in my original review or check out their website. I will check back in another year with another update.

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