What is 10K MOI and Does it Matter To You?

10K MOI in Golf

What is Moment of Inertia? How does it help you? Is there a magic number that makes something perform better or offer more? Where did 10K MOI come from? These are all questions that have been brought up since the beginning of 2024 on the THP Forum and social media.

Earlier this month, we took a detailed look at the new Mizuno ST-Max Driver. Breaking down how it was constructed and what you might expect out of the performance. What is the MOI of this driver?

Rather than explain it, we sought out one of the industry experts to walk through what is real and what isn’t and what you can look for in a driver. In this video, Chris Voshall from Mizuno Golf goes over the magic number of 10K MOI and if it matters?

With all of the buzz words and marketing that has been done around 10K and MOI, after watching Chris Voshall go over the ST-MAX and MOI in general, where do you stand on it?

Marketing buzz words or something that you are searching for to help your game?

For more information on Mizuno Golf or any of their products, check out their website at www.mizunogolf.com.

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