Zach Johnson Signs With Oakley

Zach Johnson is a nine-time PGA Tour champion and the 2007 Masters winner. While he exhibits a ferociousness and tenacity for the game he loves, Johnson is a southern gentleman, devout in his faith and his family. He and his wife Kim call Simon’s Island, Georgia home, along with their sons Will and Wyatt and their newborn daughter Abby Jane.

Johnson is coming off a spectacular 2012 season; a season which he ended 12th in the FedEx Cup Standings, 6th on the PGA Tour Money List and made 24 of 25 cuts, including 2 wins, 2-runner up finishes and 6 top-10 finishes. When asked about his career highlights and major accomplishments, hinting towards the Green Jacket he secured in 2007, a humble Johnson rather credits consistency and the drive to continue to win and play at the top of his game as his most proud accomplishments.

A long-time friend to the brand, Johnson is now officially joining the Oakley team and will not only continue to wear his favorite eyewear on tour, but he will also be sporting Oakley golf apparel during his 2013 campaign. Johnson has had a Lasik procedure done in the past and credits Oakley eyewear as a necessary tool for his career as a result. Additionally, he has expressed his excitement to don the iconic Oakley golf apparel this season, making him stand out amongst the others on tour.

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  • Good signing for Oakley. They have a guy who should consistent and see his share of leaderboards.

  • Very interesting a great signing by Oakley, I’ll be curious to see how much is style actually changes!

  • This is a perfect fit for both Zach and Oakley.

  • Interesting mix. I’ve always viewed Zach as a “classic” golf guy and Oakley as more of a new, progressive golf company.

    Is there anyone else on tour wearing Iliac now? I can’t think of anyone.

  • I like ZJ and he’s gonna look great in that Oakley apparel!

  • It’s not quite the same as a continued association with Rory McIlroy but a great golfer just the same.

    Zach has had a great season and all things point to another successful 2013.

    I’m curious if anyone knows if Rory McIlroy will continue his Oakley sponsorship in 2013 after he signs with Nike?

  • Well no question It’s a great signing, But I don’t see Johnson wearing Oakley. I see him to be way more Classic/Casual dresser

  • Ehh… ZJ is a great golfer, but I’ve never really seen him as the type of guy that inspires people to go buy what he’s wearing. Not really a product mover.

    It will provide Oakley w some of the visibilty they’re losing w McIlroy, but that’s about it. ZJ just doesn’t seem to fit w Oakley IMO.

  • Had to replace McIlroy with a ‘name’, should be a good fit.

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