2021 Honma T//World GS Lineup

Speed. If you don’t have it, you want it, and let’s be honest even if you do have it, you want more. This year Honma Golf is taking their game improvement line into a direction of giving golfers just what they are seeking, speed. Though already released in Japan, the North American release date is now here for the new Honma TW GS driver, fairways, hybrids, and irons.

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2021 Honma T//World GS Lineup

The new GS line is a direct replacement for the T//World XP-1 offerings which had some decent buzz and solid feedback throughout their cycle. The name of the game with GS however, is literally speed, as in “Gain Speed” which is what the GS name stands for. For this release, the Japan base of Honma has worked hand in hand with their North American team in order to create design elements they believe offer more speed, more playability, and more enjoyment in a modern shape and design element. 

Honma T//World GS

From the mountain tops Honma is shouting about speed, consistency, and confidence here. Though only time and eventual testing will tell the whole of the story, we will dive into each segment of the GS offerings to tell the tale of the tech. 

T//World GS Driver

The GS driver is a 460cc head, which is a titanium head using Ti811 in the body and Ti6-4 for the face. According to Honma, they went this way because of the ability titanium affords them to specifically dictate the thickness and thinness of the entire head in order to try and find the best combination of speed and stability. 

Honma TW GS Drivers

The Honma TW GS driver utilizes what the company calls a Keel Sole which is raised to the heel side to promote more draw bias and keep the center of gravity back and low for increased MOI and forgiveness. Additionally, there is a Flip Slot behind the face which allows more flex, which as we all know means more speed potential. By orienting the slot as a “forward toe slot” Honma claims that it allows for a shot straightening gear effect on misses. Finally, there is a Radial Face design which has rib patterns and variable thickness on the face to strengthen it in the upper and lower portion of the face while allowing the rest of the face to maintain optimal flex and speed potential. 

Honma GS Driver

The T//World GS driver has a 9g weight in the head which can be customized for individual fitting and the club also utilizes full loft adjustability with a non-rotating adapter that maintains shaft alignment. The GS driver is available in 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5° loft options in a traditional black crowned men’s and women’s option as well as a “Red” release which as the name implies features a uniquely deep red crown. The drivers will come in at $499.99 and are paired with Honma’s Japan designed SPEEDTUNED shaft. 

Honma drivers

T//World GS Fairways and Hybrids

Based around the same premise as the drivers, the name of the game here too is gaining speed. In terms of looks, both mesh seamlessly with their driver counterparts and make for a unified look throughout. Both of these clubs feature the previously discussed Flip Slot technology as well as internal weighting oriented low and towards the heel to help create some natural draw bias which will be beneficial for players who are likely to seek out the GS lineup.

Honma T//World GS metal woods

Both the fairways and hybrids, like the driver, feature a SPEEDTUNED shaft which Honma designed in Japan. Additionally, both are available in men’s and women’s heads with fairway loft options of 15°, 16.5°, 18.0°, and 21° with the hybrids coming in 19.0°, 21.0°, and 24.0°. Fairways carry a price of $249 and hybrids will come in at $219. 

T//World GS Irons

Finally, the GS irons are, according to Honma, “the ideal game improvement clubs”, which are designed to be easy to hit and maximize forgiveness. Design wise, they feature a very deep cavity and somewhat wider sole to keep the center of gravity low and the stability through MOI high while making the clubs easy to launch. 

Honma T//World GS irons
Men’s Iron Set

Along with an undercut in the deep cavity, the irons use Flip Slot technology like the metalwoods do to optimize ball speed potential and retention, especially off of the toe. The irons also have an L-Cup face built into the design which means even more ball speed potential while also managing spin generation. 

Honma Irons family
Ladies Iron Set

The irons are available in 4-11 irons for the men’s set and 6-11 in the women’s set. Additionally, a SW is available for each. The irons come standard with graphite SPEEDTUNED shafts for $200/club or steel Nippon N.S. Pro NEO for $175/club. 

What are your thoughts on the new T//World GS line of clubs? Is it the game improvement set that finally breaks Honma through stateside? Is it something you plan on seeking out to try? Be sure to jump into the conversation below and on the THP community and make your voice heard!

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