Adams Golf Comeback?

It started less than a week ago with a simple social media post. Their previous post was of Bernhard Langer winning on the Champions Tour back in 2015.

Seemed like an odd coincidence, could the once prominent brand be coming back from the dead?

Adams was purchased by adidas Golf (at the time owner of TaylorMade) back in 2012. Fans struggled with the direction Taylormade was taking them and with in just a couple of years, the name was sidelined.

What made Adams Golf gain a following? Was it Barney Adams entrepreneurship that led the way? Was it the leadership of Chip Brewer, who served as CEO of Adams since 2002? Was it the research and development team that included Michael Vrska? Adams was still on the board at the time of the sale in 2012, however Brewer and Vrska had previously left the brand.

Sadly, little has come from Adams in years, which goes back to that original social media post that awakened quite a few people.

The social media account didn’t stop with the single tweet as just a handful of days later, this one appeared.

Some light digging showed Trademark filing for Adams Golf by Ram Golf LTD out of Hong Kong. Listed for rangefinders and golf accessories back in May of 2020. That just leaves more questions than answers unfortunately.

Could the Adams brand be making a comeback? Or is this just a minor awakening to gauge interest in the equity of the brand? Time will tell and we will certainly be updating THP as we found out more.

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