Edel SMS P-Grind Wedges

The SMS Wedges from Edel have proven to be not just an interesting innovation, but a revelation in wedge fitting and performance. When the notion was presented that movable weights in wedges could make the kind of impact which Edel was claiming, many scoffed, but not for long. 

The Swing Match System (SMS) means the ability to fine tune the weighting of a club to the individuals swing rather than the swing to the club, and combined with traditional shaft, loft, and lie fitting it has proven a new level of performance potential. Edel has been riding that wave by adding irons since the introduction of the wedges, but they aren’t entirely done with the wedges yet as today they are introducing a new grind, the P-Grind. 

Edel P-Grind

Edel SMS Wedge Technology and Performance

Regular readers of the THP Homepage or Community are likely quite familiar with the Edel SMS wedges and the technology behind them. Rather than delve too deeply into that again, those seeking more should dive into this earlier review done by our very own Dan Edwards in the THP Club Lab:

Introducing the SMS P-Grind

As for the new, it is time to welcome the P-Grind which now joins the original four SMS Wedge sole options. The P-Grind is what Edel considers a “true players grind”. Overall, it gives the wedge a wider sole while maintaining a lower overall amount of bounce. While one goal was definitely to provide more options, this is the first time we are seeing a pretty specialized grind from Edel. 

Edel P-Grind

What I mean by that is the P-Grind is offered only in 58 and 60 degree loft options. The reason for that is a focus on bringing the benefits of a wider sole with less bounce to the shots closest to the green. Everyone wants more versatility on those tricky touch shots, and the feedback which Edel has gotten from golfers of all skill levels has led them to the P-Grind checking all those boxes. 

Leading edge of the P-Grind

The Details

The P-Grind from Edel will be available 2/17/23 directly through the company as well as fitters across the nation. The starting price for this grind, as well as the others which make up the SMS Wedge lineup, remains $199.99 with many custom options available. 

Would the P-Grind potentially fit your needs around the greens? Have you tried any of the other SMS Wedges from Edel? Take a walk on the wild side and jump into the conversation below as well as on the THP Community and let the golfing world know just what you think!

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