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  • No, I believe the WGC is next week, if I remember right. Let me know what we need to do and we will get it set up. That was a blast. Maybe just do like what we did last year and just see who might want to put a small prize up for grabs or just play for bragging rights. Either way.
    Hey, didn't you set up the WGC Match Play bracket last year? If so, we should do that again. Hopefully it didn't cost anything, but if it does, let me know and I'll help front the cost. That was a blast.
    I appreciate the honesty, ill just stomp a mud hole for you and cookie back to Texas...hehe
    March 7th. The MC is right at that time when mom would be going back to work. She would have her hands full with a 2 year old and a 4mo infant.
    I didn't submit a video. With my second kid on the way (a boy this time) I just could make the time or money work. As awesome as the MC is, diapers and daycare are a whole lot more important.
    Congrats Nate! Absolutely loved your videos! It was clear that you had a great time making them and that you're comfortable in front of a camera! Well done and I can't wait to hang with you this July!
    Congrats Nate, way to represent Texas and the south west at the Morgan Cup! good luck and your promo was killer, that ball was straight as an arrow!
    Congrats! Welcome to the MC. It's gonna be an awesome ride! Look forward to playing a pre round with you in MB.
    Congratulations friend. I'm very happy for you and you're selection. I'm going to be openly rooting for you.
    Congrats on The Morgan Cup selection! You did a great job on your videos. I look forward to teeing it up against you in July!
    Hey man, Mind if I use my edited version of your Long Horn girl as my avatar for a few days? I will understand if you say no, but with the UGA Fan thing, I want to represent for a little bit.
    Nate, gonna have to bail on the outing to Vaaler Creek. Something came up, and will be out of town that weekend..Enjoy the course. jpalyman....aka.....John
    Hey buddy - how are you looking for next Wednesday?

    Also - on 2/7 (Tuesday), Tadashi will be in town for work and we are going to play somewhere that afternoon. Was going to do Iron Horse but he is staying near the Dallas Convention Center so will probably opt for somewhere near Dallas rather than Ft Worth. Tenison perhaps? Anyways - would be awesome if you could join us. Match play!
    Invite!! I posted it in the looking for a round thread as well as the TX/OK group thing.

    TexasGolfer (new member as of December) PM'ed me about playing next Wednesday. Tee time is 12:30 at Twin Wells in Irving. Would love to have you join us!!
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