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  • Hey JB thanks for the insights on the Cleveland FL 3 Wood.Im trying to hunt down a 13 degree CB2 head but if I cant Ill probably look into the Cleveland for sure.
    You have the Z star, correct? I'm thinking of buying 10 yard 10's Zstar. What are your thoughts
    I just put my hands on the Tour Striker and will be doing some testing with it this weekend in Mrytle Beach. I will be doing a write up once I return. I am wondering if someone else has already started that thread? If so I will just add onto it. Let me know if this will be ok.

    Freddie aka Tadashi70
    Hey JB, Getting ready to order my THP Putter cover For my SeeMore Si4. I also want to get the Poker Chips BUy 4 get 5 deal (Special wht Chip) Do you still have the Limited edition give away ones for when you order the 4. Thanks. Couldnt find any other way to get that info so To JB I went. Thanks
    Hey JB, great site, I am fairly new and I am enjoying this place very much. I have a quick question though. How do I post pictures?
    JB this site out does itself. The more I am on the more work I don't get done. Thanks for all that you have done to keep this going and all that you continue to do.
    I hope to get more invloved as time presses on. Hope to meet and speak with you soon.

    Tadashi70 aka Freddie Kong
    Hi there, Just wanted to say that this site is really great!.... taking my time taking it all in ! Anyway, hope you don't mind the message, cheers!
    Hey JB, any threads on here on the Adidas Tour 360 4.0? I bought a set a couple of weeks ago and wanna see what everyone says about it. Thanks SH777
    Hey Jb, for Fantrasy Golf, my name is not showing up for the standings. Like on the top it normally says your own team but not me. It says the guy in first. I'm 100% positive i submitted, do you know what the problem could be.
    JB - I asked you a question yesterday in the thread 'questions about bounce' - I would be interested in your response in case you haven't seen the post yet -

    Thanks - Steve Moody (Slammin'SAM)
    JB thanks for running such a great site! I know it is a lot of hard work. We appreciate it!
    win some money today! oh wait, i'm not playing with you.........nevermind, haha
    hey man, are yall going to re-order more of the white argyle hats at anytime?

    just checking.


    SInce you have quite a few shafts for the R9, do you know the best place online to order an R9 sleeve adapter (.335)? Amazingly, the local golf shop doesnt carry them.

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