Is Theragun mini the Ultimate Golf Warmup Tool?

Recently in the THP Digital Magazine we featured a video on Colin Morikawa using the Theragun mini and how he uses it for golf. Could this new device from Theragun be a game changer for golfers? Small enough to fit in the golf bag, while being powerful enough to have meaningful impact?

At THP, we believe that testing should be done not only by us, but also by the golfers just like you. One of the cool features about being an active member of the THP Forum is that we look to you guys/gals, the consumers, to give feedback on equipment to golfers all around the world.

We decided to ask Theragun if they would be up for a challenge and to put this in the hands of 12 golfers, varying skill levels, health and age and have them test out the device in their own way. The devices have started to arrive and the reviews are starting to pour in. Click here to read what golfers have to say about using the Theragun mini. We know there are a lot of thoughts and the forum thread is lengthy, but trust us, it is worth the read.

In twelve years of doing this with the Hackers Paradise, I am not sure I have come across a product perform as well in the eyes of golfers than we are seeing with the Theragun mini reviews. From warming up before the round to elbow issues from too much play. Every ailment is being tested by a myriad of different golfers.

Does it take a few holes to get warmed up before the round? Maybe struggling with some tennis elbow or wrist pain? A number of people testing have struggled with lower back issues for several years. In their own words, Check out their reviews here.

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