Nike Men’s Apparel For Fall Fashion Preview

The Hackers Paradise kicks off week 3 of Fall Fashion Preview with something different. Fall Fashion Preview runs for a few weeks with a different company profiled each day, however kicking off week three is Nike Golf and we felt as though they deserved separate article for both men and women due to the amount of clothing we are covering for each gender.

We have 3 outfits to preview for the male readers here and we think you will like what you see. Nike was able to give a full look including shoes and hat and we hope we do them justice in our pictures. As most of our readers know, we have been pretty big fans of the Nike clothing lines of 2009 and as the collections have come out each season, they seem to keep raising the bar for style.

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Outfit #1 – Nike Golf Tour Collection
SP Short in Khaki are a great “tech” material and feature a 12″ inseam. Extreme comfort and as many readers have learned, Nike “tech” shorts wear very well in the elements of fall.
Modern Argyle Polo in Dark Loden is a great new shirt pattern that Nike has come out with. Keeping some of the traditional argyle with a very modern twist. Both the sides and the back feature the design and work with the shorts perfectly.
Wind Resistant SP Cover-UP in Dark Loden is a very comfy outwear jacket that has the perfect look to compliment this outfit overall.
Air Zoom Elite II in gunmetal khaki are some of my favorite shoes that have come out this year. You can read my review on this model here.
Keep in mind that this color pattern is brand new for fall and we think that they hit a home run with it for anybody that wears khaki shorts. Extreme comfort, great style, and wonderful durability.
Tour Blocked Hat in Khaki is the hat to finish this outfit off and it does the job very well. In the last 2 years I am not sure if any company has done more with hat comfort than Nike has.
Not only do these hats look great and feature the VR and One logo, but they are lightweight and about as comfortable as a hat can be.
Outfit #2 – Tiger Woods Collection
Stretch Dress Pant in Black was sent as the bottoms and if you are a reader that has not tried on a pair of the Tiger Woods Collection pants, you are missing out. They are a blend of 64% polyester/34% rayon/2% polyurethane and they are different than just about anything else out there. Classic and elegant design without losing any range of motion.

Dri-FIT Jacquard Stripe Polo in Altitude Green is 64% cotton and 36% polyester. From afar this looks like a green polo with some splash of red to it in a stripe. As you get closer you realize there is a lot more than that with the pattern in the shirt that really sets the tone well for this outfit. The TW collection is perfect for fall with the blend that they are using.
1/2 Zip Washable Wool Engineered Stripe Sweater in Sable Green/Heather is not something that I would normally have said works with this outfit at first glance. Then you put them together and the look is perfect. It is the ultimate in wool jackets for the fall as it will keep you warm and still look as stylish as Mr. Woods.
Air Zoom Elite II in Black is once again the perfect shoe for this outfit. The same style as the one featured in the previous outfit but in all black. I will say it again, if you have not tried these shoes, you do not know what you are missing. Since the time we reviewed them early in 2009, they have been at or near our short list for best shoes available.
The Tour TW Swoosh Flex Cap in Black is a must for any golfer.
Certainly it fits this outfit about as good as any accessory can, but the TW Flex Fit Caps should be in every golfer’s wardrobe. They are extremely comfortable, very light weight, and perfectly versatile from a style perspective.
Outfit #3 – Nike Golf Tour Collection
Wind Resistant Pant in Cool Grey are some of the most unique pants we have covered here at THP and that is not is a bad thing at all. They are perfect for fall and are completely wind resistant. They are slightly heavier than the others we have tried and we like them quite a bit. They feel almost weather proof.

SP Chest Print Polo in White is another unique shirt that we fell in love with. It is white and textured and features their Fit DRY material. It is 91% polyester and 9% spandex and works perfectly with the pants sent, but also would work with just about any short or pant you threw at it. Extreme comfort with fabulous styling.
Nike Air Academy in white/gunmetal-metallic silver offer you the performance and style that you’ve come to expect from Nike at a price that fits your budget. They are new for the fall (10/1) and offer extreme comfort.
To finish this outfit off they have the Tour Swoosh Flex Cap in White that also has some grey in it.
As mentioned above this is a hat that golfers should be trying out. Great fit and great looks.
Wrap Up
The Nike men’s apparel line continues to raise the bar each time we get to look at it. From the shoes all the way to the hats they dazzle us with style, comfort, and technology and each preview season we look forward to seeing what is next. For more information on all the products featured here, head over to their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • All of the shirts in the pictures are now on my to do list. Great looking stuff. As for the shoes, when I read your review of them last year I gave them a shot and agree 100%. They are superb. I now have black and white and I will definitely pick up the khaki ones as well.

  • I love the look of all the shirts. Some great colors and patterns. Not as big a fan of the Zoom Elite II shoes. For me, they’re a great looking shoe if you take off the plastic “webbing” on the sides, but with it they’re just kinda ugly. I do like the look of the last pair, the Air Academy. A nice, simple styling that looks great.

  • Great write up. Really like osme of this stuff for my boyfriend. He is a big Tiger fan.

  • I really like the webbing. I have the white pair and think they are the most comfortable shoes I own. I also really like that green TW shirt. When you click on the image it showed me the pattern in the material and it looks great.

  • I am not a huge fan of the jackets they sent, but the rest of the stuff looks really good. Love the shirts and the shoes a lot.

  • Im not too into the green Tiger shirt, but ill have to pick up the brown polo. Nice stuff.

  • I have to order that first shirt for my husband. Great looking pattern.

  • Great looking stuff. Love the entire line actually. I did not love the last Nike clothing, but his one is different. Would like to see a few more plaids or patterns on the bottoms.

  • I have to agree with the review here on the shoes. They are the best I have tried. While I do not like the Tiger Woods shirts for summer because they show too much sweat, in the fall they are perfect. That green one is awesome.

  • What a great set of outfits! That green shirt in outfit #2 sure has a lot going on for my taste, but maybe a little of that to compliment my current collection of golf shirts is what I need. The sweater and wind shirt are great too, thanks for the preview!!

  • I like the green shirt and the grey pants. The white shoes are also nice.

  • These clothes, shoes and all are so cool, Nike rules.. I loved the nike brand very much..

  • I am a big fan of nike’s clothing line and they have not disappointed…. Great stuff!

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