Puma Phantomcat Nitro Golf Shoes

Puma Phantomcat Nitro

Today, Puma Golf is announcing the release of their newest pair of golf shoes, Phantomcat Nitro. We’ve seen a great deal of love for the Alphacats that preceded this new offering, and it appears that Puma has spent considerable energy into delivering another shoe with both high-end comfort and stability.

Puma Phantomcat Nitro in white

The Phantomcat Nitro isn’t just a tweak on the Alphacats, but instead offers a number of new technologies, both inside and out, to ensure the performance matches Puma’s well-known ability to deliver attractive styles.

In the heel section, Nitrogen Infused Foam reduces weight, provides ample cushioning, and has a rebound effect to make walking a comfortable experience. In a quest to make the Phantomcat Nitro’s even more comfortable, Puma has designed a new anatomically shaped last with a generous toe box. If you are wondering what a last is, so were we, so we did some research and learned a last is a footprint, or form, referring to the shape of the shoe. They believe that this will give an even wider group of consumers the ability to find a comfortable fit. The company notes that this redesigned shape has been in the works for years. It seems impossible that they could make an even more comfortable golf shoe, but their track record speaks for itself. 

Sole design of the Puma Phantomcat Nitro

The most visible new feature on the Phantomcat Ntiro’s will surely be Flexspike. This is a completely new and unique approach to traction that we can’t wait to try. These cleats are integrated into the shoe and provide a broad area of surface contact with the ground, which should offer top-rate traction and stability in the golf swing. Flexspike is meant to work with a variety of different forces from opposing directions and is made to balance out weight distribution more evenly. 

“The Phantomcat NITRO™ is our most advanced shoe to date,” said Andrew Lawson, Senior PLM Footwear, Puma Golf. “NITRO™ foam and FLEXSPIKE technology gives the golfer a combination of traction and comfort like never before. The feedback we’ve received from our Tour Athletes has been fantastic and I can’t wait for golfers to try this shoe.” 

Rounding out the feature set are a full grain leather upper with a 1 year waterproof guarantee, secondary spikes made of a TPU material, and a molded heel to provide additional stability. 

Puma Phantomcat Nitro Details

  • Price: $180
  • Four Colorways: 
  • Sizes M 7-15 available
  • Available at retail and on pumagolf.com on February 15, 2024.
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