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Golf is funny, we are constantly on the search for the next big thing that will help gain a few more yards. Interestingly, that hope often falls with the newest or shiniest club out on the market, any mention of a training aid and most will scoff and question why they would spend their hard earned money on that when they could use it on a new club. Why is this? It is my opinion that much of it falls with the stigma of so many training aids that just don’t deliver on their claims. Well, SuperSpeed Golf is NOT one of those. Overspeed training has been around forever, but the way this company has applied it to golf is brilliant, and it flat out works.

This system is turning golf on its ear with literally hundreds of professional golfers like Phil Mickelson putting it to work, and THP was able to get hands on with SuperSpeed golf to truly test its effectiveness.

SuperSpeed Golf on their Training System:

We believe that every player deserves and is capable of hitting the ball farther. Whether you are an accomplished competitive player or a weekend warrior, adding distance to your tee shots will help you lower your scores and have more fun on the golf course. Everyone wants to bomb it off the tee and take that walk to 30 yards ahead of your nearest playing companion. For many golfers this sounds far too good to be possible. With all of the gimmicks and false claims of many training aids on the market, we understand! That is one of the primary reasons that our team of expert coaches and fitness professionals at SuperSpeed Golf decided to launch this training system to the public.


Our team has been working with the concepts of overspeed training for many years with our own private clients. We have found that using lighter weight clubs in specific training can help every golf increase swing speed, maximize biomechanical efficiency of the swing, improve consistency in ball striking, and reduce many common swing flaws caused by inefficient sequencing of the golf swing.


We spent years determining the optimal weighting breakdown of our SuperSpeed Golf Clubs and the most effective training protocols to maximize our player’s progress. The result is the SuperSpeed Golf Men’s Training System.


This training system is optimized for players who play a standard weight men’s driver with an overall weight between 300 and 325 grams. This set includes the Green (light), Blue (medium), and Red (Heavy) weighted SuperSpeed Clubs. Our players will swing all three of these clubs in a light to heavy progression during our overspeed training protocols. We find that players typically gain between 5% and 8% additional swing speed over the first 4-6 weeks of regular practice. Each training session only takes about 10 minutes to complete. We recommend 3 training sessions per week for optimal results. So, if you have an additional 30 minutes a week, wouldn’t you like to add 30 yards to your tee shots?


Item Length Overall Weight
Green “Light” Club 45? 255 Grams
Blue “Medium” Club 45? 290 Grams
Red “Heavy” Club 45? 335 Grams


“Overspeed Training”:

What is overspeed training? Well, it’s not a new concept by any means, but the application into golf the way that SuperSpeed has done it maximizes its potential benefits.

Summing it up, overspeed training is literally getting your body to perform faster than its typical speeds. By doing this, you are overriding your brains “pre-set” parameters for how fast you are supposed to be able to move in whatever particular activity/motion you are training. For golf, SuperSpeed has learned that it was necessary to remove the pre-set “load” your body responds to and expects during the golf swing by reducing the overall weight in-hand, and in-swing. By swinging a lighter overall weight, you can push the body and brain to re-program itself at faster and faster speeds. To make it stick, the system implements three ascending weight ranges with two that are lighter than the typical golf driver, and one that is a bit heavier.

Though speed is the primary focus, in other sports (and here as well), it has also been shown to increase balance, core, and increase the effectiveness/efficiency of the motion being worked. It is also important to again denote, this isn’t some sort of voodoo, overspeed training has been physiologically proven to have tangible effectiveness in athletic training.

Performance and Effectiveness:

For the purpose of testing, I actually have been going through the SuperSpeed program the past few weeks. The setup is simple, they encourage three workouts per week, with each lasting about ten minutes. Additionally, there are different “Training Protocols” that the user advances through with time. The “Protocols” are the actual workout regimens and each has a specific timeframe to follow before advancing to the next.  All told, there are three “levels” and they are preceded by an introductory phase.  All of this information is available at all times on the SuperSpeed website and they have done a bang up job in leaving nothing to chance, written and PDF instructions for each protocol are there and are also accompanied by a video for visual learners.

Each protocol has its own timeline, and during this review I got through the Introduction (4 weeks) and have at the time of this review been partaking in Level 1 (5-12 weeks). The nice thing about the program is that it’s easy to understand, seriously easy, watch the videos and you are good to go. A curveball that exists which some may not know about, regardless of your playing dexterity, you swing right handed and left handed in training. Why? Because in golf we only use one side, so to truly re-train ourselves we need to work both sides to increase muscle activity, balance, and energy transfer. I will fully admit, I feel extremely uncoordinated swinging left handed, but it has gotten better over time. The drills are simple, and the fact that it takes about 10 minutes for each session makes not having time and invalid excuse. But what you all really want to know is, does it work, right?

SuperSpeed claims gains between 5% and 8% are seen within the first 4-6 weeks of use. For those wondering, 1 MPH of swing speed can be equated to about 2.6 yards of carry, though we need to remember launch and spin parameters determine just how well we as golfers can maximize that speed increase. Before starting the program, I measured my driver swing speed via the Foresight GC2 launch monitor, I was hitting a max of 110 MPH. Upon beginning the introduction, I actually saw immediate returns which I did not expect.  Right out of the gates I was able to hit 112 MPH a couple of times with my driver. Why is that important? Because it sets the hook, after seeing that, I was all in on seeing just what I could get up to with this system. At the time of writing this, I have hit a maximum of 116 MPH with the driver on the GC2, which equates to a 5.45% increase. Something to keep in mind is that was a max and not the average, though my average SS did increase to over the 110 MPH max I began the program with. Also, I have seen carry increases on the golf course with driver and the rest of my woods, though the irons and wedges have not seen as large of a jump. It will be fun to see just how the numbers continue to evolve, as I reallay believe that there is room to keep improving.

Parting Thoughts:

SuperSpeed Golf works, period. This isn’t your normal training aid that is hit or miss, this is the type of training aid that anyone can see improvements with from professionals (look how many on tour are using it) to beginners and everyone in-between. As a matter of fact, enough was seen for me that I am purchasing two more sets for my High School boys and girls teams, which is about the biggest praise I can give something. The SuperSpeed system can be found at  Budget Golf for a price of $199.99 (some variations on price are out there for LD or kids versions) and though that seems steep at first, for what you get, the quality, the support, and the fact that it works, that is a pittance for us golfers who constantly are seeking more distance. SuperSpeed is a company to keep a keen eye on. For more information on the brand, please visit their website at

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