THP Community Choice: Best Driver of the Year

At THP, we believe that the golfer should tell us what the best product is, not the other way around. So today we are launching the bracket of all brackets to determine the best driver in 2020.

34 Drivers
One Bracket
You Decide the Best Driver of the Year

How Were they Chosen
Currently Available
Available at Retail
Not had a permanent price drop

The top 8 drivers were separated based on impressions on THP
The remaining 26 were done using a random number generator
Completely eliminating bias and letting you be the judge

How it Works
Each Day 2-4 games will be played kicking off with the play in games to get to a field of 32. 
A new poll on the forum will be started with the two drivers to choose from.
You must vote in the poll with in 24 hours as each game will only last a day.
Then we will update the big board with the info as the bracket moves on.

Look for the new threads each morning and the previous ones will be closed and we will update the bracket each day. Jump into the fun on the THP Forum here.

Don’t let someone dictate to you what to play. Have a voice yourself and listen and converse with your peers on every single matchup to determine the best of the year.  

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