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At The Hackers Paradise we get our reviews from many sources. Sometimes it is readers that send them in, other times it is companies directly coming to us. Rarely is it another company telling us “You have to review ABC Company”. That was the case a few weeks back when GolferGal published a review of Lela Designs Apparel. When she spoke with them, they commented that we had to reach out to Travis Mathew Apparel for our men’s clothing reviews.

After looking at their website for what seemed like days, we decided to give them a call. One call and I was hooked. Before even knowing I was doing anything with reviews, the customer service was fantastic. I asked the gentleman on the phone some questions and the answers were all courteous and helpful. The next day THP reached out to the corporate office to discuss a review and Chris from Travis Mathew was more than willing to participate.

Not 2-3 days later a large box arrives and in it brought a smile to this reviewer’s face. As you can see from the picture above, large amounts of clothing were sent over to review from Travis Mathew. Our first impression was WOW! Solid materials, great colors, fabulous patterns, and quality construction. That is one heck of a first impression. We could not wait to get these out on the golf course for reactions. The pictures will not do these clothes justice.

Apparel on the golf course is something that has long been very important to The Hackers Paradise. Making sure our readers know about the latest and greatest clubs and equipment is one thing. But if you are playing the best driver in jean shorts and a tank top, THP is going to call the fashion police in a hurry. So it is our job to search high and low to find some of the best apparel out there for our readers. Our search certainly landed us here with the help of another designer. Travis Mathew Apparel is some of the finest we have put on and played in. The outfit pictured above was worn the day after receiving the package. The deep red color does not come through all that well in the picture but when the entire outfit is put together it works so well. The shorts are a slate gray color and are called “slant shorts”. Extremely comfortable and the sizes run “true”. We got an abundance of compliments the first day we showed up at the club.

The shorts pictured above are called “TM Pinstripe” and they are even better in person. We paired them up nicely with a solid colored shirt and they were very well received. They are flashy yet subtle and can go with just about anything solid.

The outfit to the left are not really made for each other but just look so good. They are black shorts with a gray “V-Badge Sweater”. The sweater is light weight and would go very well with the White Pants that they sent over (not pictured) as well. The shorts have a great pattern to them and like mentioned above are about as comfortable as they can be. Both of these items fall into their “Holiday Collection”. We found all of the clothes to be what THP calls “Bridge Wear”. Items that can be worn to play golf and at the same time could be worn to work or any other place. That is a real selling point for us. Why have two wardrobes if you don’t have to.

The shirt pictured above was part of my favorite outfit I received from Travis Mathew. The black “Pin Drop Polo” has a nice simple pattern to it, and is extremely comfortable. All of their shirts are a blend of cotton with other materials and have a tech feel to them. Paired with the white pants was a nice treat. The day I wore this outfit to the course it was quite cold and windy. Well Travis Mathew has us all covered.

Perfection is the only word that can describe what is next. Travis Mathew was kind enough to supply us with the GREATEST GOLF PULLOVER EVER to review. I am not overstating this at all. This pullover is so soft on the inside yet weather repellent on the outside to give it the best of both worlds. If that was not enough, the thing is extremely stylish. This is our Must Buy for anybody looking for a golf jacket or something long sleeved to play in. It has everything one would want on a cold day and looks great as well.

The last thing to highlight in this review are the accessories. Travis Mathew has you covered there. They have many different designs of belts and hats and all of them look great. The White Belt with the “M” and the matching hat can take any drab outfit and make it look fantastic.

When we first learned about this line of clothing, we were pretty excited. After trying out the clothes for a test drive, we are ecstatic. You cannot ask for more than good looks, great fit, and very durable in a line of apparel. The line is not for everybody because they are on the higher end of the price scale. But at THP we believe in quality over quantity and if I had my choice between one of their items or two things from a discount store. My choice is clear, I am going with the quality. Travis Mathew is more than clothing, it is a lifestyle. To read more about all of these items and much more go to Travis Mathew.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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