Drills with the Blingo Queen Volume III

I have started a new fitness routine and it’s with 5 other women that are interested in getting in shape as well. One of the ladies is Fulton Allem’s wife and it hit me that I should share the tip he gave me with you all. Fulton and I practice at the same course and he’s a loud guy always wanting to hear about my game and truly wants to help people with their golf. I was preparing for the US Open Qualifier and he approached me asking about my putting. I said it was fine but that I was open to ideas. He said he had a tip that would guarantee better results. Who doesn’t want that?

He told me that when I’m over a putt to focus completely on one dimple of the ball. It doesn’t matter which one, but be sure to really pick out one dimple. Focus on that dimple until you have completed your putt and the ball is out of your sight. Whenever I’m watching golf on TV I’m constantly hearing about “keeping your head down”. This is an easy way to accomplish that. However, you must be very disciplined with this.

I went to play my qualifier the next day and it was 36 holes. I really concentrated on the dimple and noticed that putts were going in left and right. Now who knows if I just trusted my stroke a little more, but it doesn’t matter. I really putted better and I ended up qualifying for the US Open! I went on to thank Fulton for that little tip. But, sometimes that’s all you need to turn your putting around. He said you can also use it on chipping or full shots too.
So, give it a go if you want!

Charlotte Campbell

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