First Look: Ben Hogan VKTR+ Hybrid

If you want to stick in the current golf industry, evolution is an absolute must, and though there were some bumpy waters initially with the reboot of Ben Hogan Golf, the past two years have shown them finding their stride. Not only that, they are doing it while continuing to be a direct to consumer company allowing them to cut the overheads other companies face, but it definitely helps to have the Ben Hogan name recognition to navigate those waters. 

Even in its heyday, Hogan was never afraid to innovate and evolve their offerings in order to fit the needs of golfers and make the game more enjoyable. No such club design is more of an example of that then the hybrid. Though known historically as an iron company, people oft forget they have produced hybrids before this latest incarnation, in fact, the CFT still maintains cult-like followings in some circles. 

More recently, the VKTR hybrid, which was introduced in January of 2016, has had a long and successful shelf life for Hogan, remarkably successful in fact. Fast forward to present day and Ben Hogan Golf is introducing the VKTR+. 

So no, the name may not be the most groundbreaking, but when you have something that works then why not run with it? Hogan is actually calling the VKTR+ an “optimized” version of the original brought up to present day tech standards. 

The look still features the high/square toe shape on the face which ideally helps the user swing it like and iron rather than a fairway. Likewise, Hogan has worked to optimize the face thickness both vertically and horizontally to offer forgiveness while also implementing bulge and roll which is usually reserved for fairways. The company is also touting this iteration as being based on clean lines, minimal offset, and a look that will inspire confidence behind the ball. The VKTR+ will come in three loft options, 18°, 22°, and 26° as well as a very palatable $140.00 price tag. 

More info will be coming soon on THP, but until then, be sure to comment below and let us know exactly what you think of the new VKTR+.  

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