Golf Hoodies: Where do you stand now?

Was a fan then and am still a fan now.
Yes and yes. Wear them all the time.
Prefer hoodie to Q zip.
I used to be a no hoodie guy but I’ve come around on them. Not just for golf but for everything
Like them, especially if not banded around the bottom like a normal hoodie. Which I reckon makes them golf hoodies.
What is this witchcraft? 🤣🤣🤣
Love them. Love wearing them when it gets chilly out playing golf. Still worry when going to a course I haven't played that they will balk at someone wearing a hoodie as an outerlayer.
I’m ok with them.
I have nothing against them for golf but I run warm so I prefer something 1/4 or 1/2 zip for better breathability. Even when the temps are in the low 50’s I’m likely just wearing a short sleeve or long sleeve polo with a lightweight or no base layer under it. Our course closed in late October and my last day of the season the temps were warm enough where I would have not wanted a hood as I was hatless most of the day.

I own more than a dozen base/mid layer hoodies and more than a dozen outer layer hooded jackets and wear them often when the weather is cold and/or for activities like hunting, skiing, hiking, or just for casual wear. Our current temp is 26º F so hoodie weather is here - I’ll be throwing one on this morning before I head to the gym and run errands.

I don’t play enough cold golf(temps under 50*) to need a hood or if it’s cold I wear a stocking cap which doesn’t restrict my vision like a hood can during the backswing. Same goes for when it’s raining - I prefer a waterproof bucket hat and a golf rain jacket without a hood vs. a hooded rain jacket.
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Funny. I have something like this I love to wear, but it's not made for golf. Thought it was a little ridiculous until I tried it on.
I bought a B.Draddy one last time I went somewhere with THP (Ballyhack ‘22) and fell in love. Thought it was odd, until I wore it and it broke my mind. All the things I like, in one. Haha
Still in, I tend to pick them over regular qzips
I’m all for hoodies everywhere but on the course, simply because I live on the coast so it can get a little breezy. If I had no wind to contend with, I’d be all for wearing a hoodie on the course.
No change, they're prefectly reasonable. You do you.
I love wearing golf hoodies, but I won’t golf in a hoodie. Not because of any fashion statement. I just think the hood is annoying..
I got my first hoodie probably 7 or 8 years ago and now I absolutely love them. I don't mind wearing one to golf, in fact I'm wearing one in my avatar photo. I never really got into q-zips, and the lack of pockets really annoys me.

So I was fine with them during the last discussion, and my position has not changed.
Still a 1/4 zip guy here. Just can’t bring myself to wear one in the course
Well, Short Par 4 sent me a tasc hoodie. The hood is smaller and feels kinda light. It’s actually good about staying out of my peripheral indoors. Gonna give it a shot under my polo just to see.
I bought three more golf hoodies this week. 😍
I’ve wanted to try them. Right now only Q zips and golf full zips for the outer layers. I’d probably save them for certain courses, but a great hoodie is one of my favorite standard apparel items, so I imagine I could get behind them on the course.
I wonder why there would be hoodie hate?
I don’t like playing golf in them. It. Good bugs me when I am swinging. So I don’t.
Swanies has some that I really like. Probably will be getting a couple.
Dumb question, what is the difference between a golf hoodie and a regular hoodie? I haven’t ever bought a golf specific one. Not opposed. Just have all quarter zips for golf related items.
Dumb question, what is the difference between a golf hoodie and a regular hoodie? I haven’t ever bought a golf specific one. Not opposed. Just have all quarter zips for golf related items.
Typically, material and weight. Most aren’t just your old school 100% cotton Jersey’s brand. Like all golf apparel, the performance materials have made them better.